Snuggle Up and Stay Warm with These Family Movies


I am a firm believer that if you think positively, you will be more positive in your life. I also think that if you surround yourself with things that remind you of what you want, you might just get it–like warm weather. To bring in the warmth and to help my kids beat the winter boredom blues, I have selected some warm weather family movies that will make us feel like we are frolicking on the beach, basking in the sun and living in shorts and sandals.

The Parent Trap

the parent trapSource: NY Daily News

Whether you show the original starring Haley Mills or the updated film starring Lindsey Lohan, The Parent Trap is a family movie everyone will love. As you follow twin girls who knew nothing about each other until they met at summer camp, you root for their success in combining their families as they swim, play and enjoy the summer months. The story is a popular one with young kids to tweens to adults. It is funny and charming and always a hit!

Swiss Family Robinson

swiss family robinsonSource: DailyMail

Another classic that can be a family favorite all around is the entertaining story of Swiss Family Robinson. This movie will take your family on a South Seas adventure where they will meet all kinds of fun and exotic animals. This movie–filmed in a hot environment–will warm you up with thrilling adventure and excitement. Pirates, the treacherous environment and the heartwarming story can’t help but warm you from the inside out!

Rio and Rio 2

rioSource: MoviePilot

Plan a fun filled summer time double header with the entire gang in the animated films Rio and Rio 2. Recent hits in the theaters, kids will recognize the characters and laugh at their antics. As the animated sun beats down on the colorful and crazy animals that make Rio a hit, you will laugh right along with them. Virtually travel to Rio de Janerio and escape the icy tundra that you might be living in.

Nim’s Island

nims islandSource: Just Jared

Nim lives on a warm and sandy island with her father, Jack, and her best friends. Kids will love that those friends include Selkie, a sea lion; Fred, a bearded dragon lizard; and Galileo, a plucky pelican! Parents will love that when her dad goes missing, Nim contacts her mother via e-mail and through stories and books, embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. This fun and fast moving film set in the warmth of the summer sun will entice the entire family with adventure and love!

The Sandlot

the sandlotSource: Entertainment Weekly

One of my all-time favorites, not only for the setting of summer baseball, but also for the message of acceptance and fitting in, The Sandlot has remained a family favorite for a reason. The comedy set in the 60’s follows a kid’s baseball team as it embarks on a memorable summer of friendship and lessons learned. Complete with the scary ‘Beast’ and his owner, James Earl Jones, The Sandlot offers laughter, fun and lessons that all kids – and some parents – need to learn!

No matter what the temperature is where you are, movies have a way of transporting us to where we want to be. Curl up with your kids, popcorn and every blanket you own and send yourself back to the heat of a warm day!