Holiday Gift Ideas from the Whole Family

Gift Ideas from the Whole Family
As your family – and those of your loved ones – continues to expand, it can be a mess trying to sort out who is gifting what to who, or whether you’ve even covered off everyone on your list! Instead of buying a million gifts this season, why not gift something from the heart – and from the entire clan?

Gift ideas where the kids can get involved that won’t break the bank are a great way to simplify your holiday shopping and put a smile on the faces of everyone you treat. Here are some of our favorite presents the whole family can gift from FedEx Office plus add-on gifts you can make together!

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Gift Ideas from the Whole Family

Family Photo Canvas Prints
FedEx Canvas Print
Did you take some cute holiday photos this season? Why not take your best shot, print it on canvas, and gift it to the grandparents? They’ll love this customized piece of artwork – plus you can update it year after year and create your own family tradition. Plus right now you can get 25% off your purchase at FedEx Office® making this an extra affordable gift idea!

Custom Concert or Fan Posters
FedEx Photo Poster
Teens are always looking to express themselves – including with what they put up on their walls. Instead of buying another poster from a mass market store, why not make your own? You can use FedEx Office to design your own custom concert posters featuring your teen as the superstar. Or better yet, take a moment from the past year where they actually met their teen idol and blow it up for a one-of-a-kind memory they’ll love to show off on their walls. It’s a great gift idea for any tricky to buy for teens that they’ll appreciate from your family.

Pet Photo Posters
FedEx Pet Photo
Our furry friends are more a part of the family than ever before – so why not celebrate it? Take a snapshot of a loved one’s beloved cat, dog, or other critter, and print it on a glossy mounted photo poster. It’s perfect for hanging in the office or at the cottage when you want a little reminder of home, and what’s waiting for you there.

Homemade Cookie Kits
Cookie in a Jar
Source: the happier homemaker
Holiday baking is one of the best parts of December! This year, rope the kids into the kitchen on a lazy weekend afternoon and create an assembly line to build your own cookie (or other sweet treat) recipes in a jar. Simply layering different ingredients in classic mason jars makes this simple project look ultra decadent, plus it’ll bring together families on the receiving side too, as they gather round to bake up some holiday treats!

Greeting Card Gift Boxes
Gift Box Greeting Card
Source: wikiHow
If you have a box of old Christmas cards kicking around that you haven’t looked at but don’t want to toss, this DIY gift idea is for you. Plus, it’s a kid-friendly craft that can get the family together. Your old greeting cards can be snipped and taped into miniature gift boxes. Add in a layer of tissue paper and some bulk candy for easy-to-gift boxes for everyone from the mailman to your kids’ teachers to your neighbors.

Toy Soaps
Toy Soaps
Source: PBS parents
Everyone can use a bar of soap around the house, and it’s even more special when you know it’s been made with love. Look for a kid-friendly DIY soap recipe – like this one with tiny toys hidden inside the bars – and get to crafting! You can easily pick up all the supplies you need between a dollar store, craft store, or grocery store. Best of all, any little ones receiving these homemade soaps will have fun sudsing up as they unlock their toy from its soapy chamber!


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