How to Fake a Healthy Glow After a Long Night


It can be easy to get carried away when you’re out on the town with your best friends, but a night of partying can wreak havoc on your mood and appearance. If you need to look your best when you’ve had a little too much fun the night before, follow our easy, four-step process that will help you fake a healthy, wide-awake appearance!

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Step 1: Repair the Damage

repair-the-damageSources: Eye Mask / Face Mask / Eye Drops

After a late night, it’s always smart to do a little damage control to prepare for the next morning. Water and aspiring can help, but you’ll still wake up with lackluster skin and red eyes. Before you go to sleep, apply a moisturizing sheet mask to your face and a cooling eye mask over your eyes. The face mask will add much-needed moisture back into your dehydrated skin, and the eye mask will reduce puffiness and swelling.

You can leave both masks on all night long without creating a mess. Use a moisturizing eye drop in both eyes at night and in the morning to combat tired, red eyes. You can also use the drops throughout the day to refresh your eyes if they start to feel dry or irritated.

Step 2: Brighten Your Skin

brighten-your-skinSources: Moisturizer / Primer / Foundation

Alcohol and fatigue can leave your skin dull and dehydrated, so it’s important to add a healthy glow back into your complexion before heading out for the day. Add moisture back into your skin with an oil-free moisturizer and apply a thin layer of luminous primer to add a bit of radiance to your skin tone.

A quick coat of a full-coverage foundation will help you hide redness and discoloration, so you’ll look healthy and well-rested even if you haven’t slept a wink!

Step 3: Conceal Tired Eyes

conceal-tired-eyesSources: Corrector / Concealer / Eyeliner / Mascara

Tired, red eyes are a tell-tale sign that you’ve been out all night. Conceal your dark circles by applying a peach-toned corrector underneath your favorite concealer, and use an eyeliner one shade lighter than your skin tone on your lower lash line to create a wide-eyed look and eliminate any redness. A few coats of volumizing mascara will open up your eyes and help to camouflage your fatigue.

Step 4: Add Pops of Color

add-pops-of-colorSources: Bronzer & Blush Duo / Makeup Brush / Lipgloss

Now that we’ve completely hidden your tired eyes and dull complexion, it’s time to add some life back into your skin! Use a fluffy makeup brush to sweep bronzer and blush across your cheekbones and perk up your pout with a bit of colorful lip gloss.

If you follow these four easy steps, your friends and co-workers will never know what you were up to the night before! You’ll look healthy, wide-awake, and beautiful. If you want to find a few natural ways to improve your appearance, check out our article on the best foods to eat for healthy hair, skin, and nails!