Facebook Live Recap: How to Meal Plan with Coupons

Facebook Live Recap: # Tips for Saving on Groceries | thegoodstuff

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching and sharing today. Let’s keep this going: a movement to take control of our monthly budget.

Keep checking back at Coupons.com and Budget Bites for upcoming Facebook Lives, and please keep in touch. Share your saving strategies and challenges, and please share this video so others can learn these tips, too. We’re in this together!

Missed the show? Check out Jeanette’s Facebook Live video below!

Here’s a quick recap of the tips I shared for saving money on groceries:

1. Be sure to join your store’s loyalty program.

2. Build your menu/shopping list around what’s on sale, starting with the meats since they’re usually the most expensive.

3. Find coupons to match those items and also for other items on your list. Check Coupons.com or the Coupons.com app to find grocery coupons.

4. If something is out of stock, ask for a raincheck so that when the item is back in stock the store will honor the sale price.

My Weekend Grocery List

Click here to find all of the online grocery coupons I clipped!

Breakfast Coupons & Deals

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt: On sale for 2 for $3, plus a coupon for $1 of any two

Nature Valley Granola Bars: On sale for $1.99 each, plus a coupon for 50 cents off two boxes

Special K Cereal: On sale for $2.49 each, plus a coupon for $1 off two boxes

Special K Bars: A store coupon for buy two, get one free, plus a coupon for 75 cents off


Lunch Coupons & Deals

Bread: On sale for $1.99

Hormel Turkey Slices: Coupon for 50 cents off

Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese: On sale for $3.49, plus a coupon for 75 cents off

Food Should Taste Good Chips: On sale for $1.99, plus a coupon for 50 cents off

Annie’s Mac & Cheese: On sale for 99 cents, plus a coupon for 50 cents off

Broccoli: To add to Mac & Cheese

Campbell’s Soups: On sale for $1 each, plus a coupon for $1.25 off five

Cheese: For a grilled cheese sandwich with a coupon for $1 off

Bush’s Hummus Made Easy: $1 off coupon

Avocado: 2 for $4 — I add mine to toast for a quick lunch

Dinner Coupons & Deals

Chicken Breast: On sale for $1.69 a pound — I’m going to get two pounds so I have extra for a chicken salad!

2 Bags of Lettuce: On sale for $1 each — I’ll use this for salads and to add to our sandwiches

Avocado: 2 for $4

Rice a Roni: On sale for 79 cents — I’m adding sliced almonds to the rice that are leftover from the holidays

Pork Baby Back Ribs: $2.99 a pound

Baked Potatoes

Dessert Coupons & Deals

Snickers: On sale for two for $7, plus a coupon for $1.50 off 2 bags

Dreyer’s Rocky Road & Vanilla Ice Cream: On sale for $3 each — These will last us quite a while!


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