12 Ways to Say “Enough!” When Life Gives You Lemons

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12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff
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We’ve all been there. You could be having a perfectly fine day, when suddenly you have an “uh oh!” moment. Even though it might be something small, it can totally shape how you’re feeling for a good period of time — annoyed, angry, anxious, and most of all, wishing you could time travel and reverse whatever got you fired up in the first place.

Want to stay cool and calm the next time you get sidelined by a mini-mishap? Here are 12 ways to be prepared when everyday annoyances throw a curveball your way.

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  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff

    Problem #1: You forgot your lunch

    Whether you had the best leftovers on the planet or a tasty sandwich made fresh that morning, when you get to work and realize your lunch is still on the counter, it can be totally heartbreaking.

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  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff

    Problem #2: You’ve got a run in your stockings

    You’ve got that perfect outfit mastered, only to look down mid-day and realize you’ve got a run in your tights and no quick way to replace them. You’ve got two choices: Ditch ‘em and go bare or…

    Solution: Use clear nail polish to patch the run

    If you have any type of clear nail polish handy — including base coats, top coats, or even a glitter polish — you may be able to save the day and keep your nylons on. Just apply it to the run to keep the hole or tear from spreading. Bonus: You’ll also be better at preserving your manicure when you regularly apply a product like Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Top Coat, which dries in seconds!

    Grab some clear nail polish — and maybe a new pair of tights — at Kmart and save some money to treat yourself to a pick-me-up with Kmart coupons!

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff
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    Problem #3: Your phone battery just died

    Oops! You totally forgot to charge up your phone overnight, and you’re nowhere near an outlet. But you need to coordinate plans via text! You’re expecting a phone call! You’re without your GPS! Whatever the case may be, not having your lifeline to the world can be scary.

    Solution: Have a portable charger on hand

    Sometimes you just can’t plug into a computer or wall outlet to charge up your phone. If you’re in need of some power, pick up a portable charger and throw it in your purse, gym bag, or car. Today’s portable batteries are more compact than ever, like this affordable, lipstick-sized option from Anker, which can completely charge up your phone. Pick it up in one of five colors on Amazon.com for as little as $9.99!

    This phone charger is a life saver, and it fits perfectly in your purse! Don’t leave home without it, and don’t forget to save with an Amazon coupon, too!

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff

    Problem #4: You spilled food on your favorite shirt

    You’re out for a relaxing meal at lunch with your friends or coworkers when disaster strikes: You’ve gotten a splash of wine or pasta sauce on your favorite crisp white blouse. You know, the one you picked because you’re giving a big presentation that afternoon? What’s a girl to do?

    Solution: Use a stain removal pen

    Don’t panic. Dip into your purse and pull out a Tide To Go Pen, available in a three-pack at Target for $6.89. Just crack it open and dab onto the stain — each pen can remove a mark about the size of a quarter in under 60 seconds. They work on dark clothes and light, plus that damp spot should easily dry in time for your meeting. Be sure to stash your pens everywhere — your car, desk, home, and bag!

    Don’t let that stain get you down. A tide pen is a quick fix you can easily stash at home, work, or even in the car. Pick some up and save with Target coupons — now you won’t have to worry next time you find yourself eating spaghetti or drinking wine!

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff
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    Problem #5: You’ve got warm drinks and thirsty guests

    Your new neighbors have popped by, or your in-laws are over for an unexpected visit. The issue? You’re not ready to entertain — there are no cold drinks in the house!

    Solution: Cool it quick

    If you’re in a real pinch, try wrapping your wine bottle or beer cans in wet (but not dripping) paper towels and throw them in the freezer. You’ll have a cooler beverage in about 15 minutes — just make sure you don’t forget about it!

    If you really want to speed things up for on demand drinks, consider investing in a rapid beverage chiller, like the Cooper Cooler. This cool gadget spins your drink at high speeds while blasting it with cold water (or hot, if you wanted to warm up a baby bottle). In under a minute, you can chill a can of beer, and in six minutes, you can get wine right down to a perfectly crisp temperature. Cheers!

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff
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    Problem #6: You can’t find your keys

    You’ve searched high and low, but your keys, which you totally had just a second ago, are nowhere to be found. Same goes for your wallet, your phone — you name it!

    Solution: Use Tile trackers to find them

    Attach, stick, or place a Bluetooth tracker, like these from Tile, with your most commonly misplaced household items and never scramble to find them again. You can use your phone to track down items by “calling” them the same way you’d call a misplaced phone. And if your phone goes missing, you can use any of your other Tiles to call the phone, even if it’s turned on silent. The app also records where you last saw the item so you know where to look first.

    If missing keys are a problem for someone else you know (*cough*the hubby!*cough*), grab them a set of these handy Tile trackers from Best Buy and save some extra cash to splurge on yourself with Best Buy coupons!

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff

    Problem #7: Ouch! You burned yourself

    When you’re rushing to get everything done — from making a meal to ironing tomorrow’s outfit — it’s easy to slip up and accidentally injure yourself. If you’ve got a stinging burn, there’s a quick and easy way to remedy it.

    Solution: Apply potato slices

    Potatoes are generally a pantry staple, but they can serve as more than just a tasty side dish. Cut up a raw potato into slices, then take one of those slices and apply it to your burn. You’ll be amazed at how it can help relieve the sting and redness in a flash. If you start to feel pain again, switch the slice out for a fresh one.

  • Problem #8: Your hem just fell

    Did you get your jeans or skirt hemmed? When you’re on the go, those stitches can come loose, causing your hem to start bubbling and dropping all over the place. When there’s no time for a wardrobe change, you need a way to make do.

    Solution: Use double-sided tape

    Hollywood stylists have been using double-sided tape for years to keep their clients’ assets in place when rocking plunging necklines and high skirt slits. But this tape can be used for way more: You can use it to keep your bra straps from showing when attending a professional event, or apply it to a wayward hem so you can breeze through the rest of your day. Try this convenient package of 36 double-sided strips from Victoria’s Secret to get you through any fashion emergencies.

    Pick up this oh-so useful box of double-sided fashion tape at Victoria’s Secret, then treat yourself to a romantic scent, soothing hand lotion, or comfy yoga pants and save with a Victoria’s Secret coupon.

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff
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    Problem #9: You need a light

    Did the power go out? Are you searching in a dark corner of the attic for something? Did you lose an earring under your front seat? If you’re tired of fishing around in the dark for what you need, bring some light into your life.

    Solution: Have puck lights handy

    Portable lighting is at your fingertips with puck lights, like these durable Energizer rubber-cased push lights. Available in a three-pack for $9.99, these handy lights can be stashed in your car or somewhere close by when you’re dealing with a power outage. You can even mount the light to a metallic surface thanks to built-in magnets, or attach it to the wall permanently with the included mounting plate.

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff

    Problem #10: You got a bug bite

    Ouch! Whether it’s a pesky mosquito bite or a more painful sting from a wasp, a bug bite can quickly sour your mood. Your skin may have a temporary allergic reaction, causing you to have a round, red bump that can hurt or be itchy.

    Solution: Soothe your skin with green tea

    If you have a teabag handy, dampen it and throw it in the fridge for a few minutes to cool down, then apply the teabag to your skin. The cold will help offset that itchy feeling, while compounds in the tea can reduce inflammation and swelling. No tea? No worries! Oatmeal or honey are other at-home remedies that can quickly and effectively soothe your sore spots.

  • 12 Ways to Say "Enough!" When Life Gives You Lemons | thegoodstuff
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    Problem #11: There’s deodorant on your clothing

    You’re about to head out the door in the morning or are freshening up after a gym workout, when you apply a swipe of deodorant. The problem? You also got some of the white stuff on your decidedly not white outfit. Not even water can help you out of this chalky situation.

    Solution: Try a deodorant-removing sponge

    Created by Hollywood Fashion Secrets, this amazing little sponge requires no water to work. Just rub it against your deodorant (or makeup!) stain and it’ll scuff away the mark almost instantly. It even promises to capture pesky pet hair so you can always look amazing.

    You can find this handy little sponge at Walmart, and while you’re there save on groceries, household items, and more with Walmart coupons!

  • Problem #12: You’ve got something stuck in your teeth

    You’ve just gone out for a great meal, but when you look in the mirror you spot a wayward piece of spinach or pepper. No matter how much you try rubbing your tongue over it, it’s going nowhere.

    Solution: Keep floss picks handy

    Want to floss on the go without the hassle of endless pieces of string? Grab a bag of floss picks, designed to get you out of a pinch. Keep a big bag in your car or at work and enjoy food-free teeth, fresher breath, and better oral health! If you don’t have floss or floss picks handy, get creative — an earring post or thread can help get the job done.

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12 Ways to Say “Enough!” When Life Gives You Lemons

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