Valentine’s Day Gifts Crafted with Love

Everyone knows a gift from the heart is truly the sweetest one of all to receive on Valentine’s Day. With way more staying power than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, handmade, one-of-a-kind items are exactly the kind of thing that’ll make your valentine’s heart skip a beat. And don’t forget to pick a gift for all the special ones in your life to celebrate the relationships you hold near and dear to your heart.

But what if you’re not especially crafty? Or there simply aren’t enough hours in your week? Never fear! The sellers and makers of Etsy have got your back. With thousands of sweet items to browse and choose from, there are plenty of Cupid-approved gift ideas that will fit your budget and make your sweetheart smile. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to ‘find love’ on Etsy!


Printable Beer Labels – $3.95
Beer Labels
If he’s not the sappy sort, give him the gift of some guy time – pick up a case of his favorite brew, turn on the big screen, and he can kick back…all while enjoying some lovely heartfelt messages with these printable beer bottle labels.

Personalized Guitar Pick – $14
Guitar Pick
If the sound of him strumming sets your heart on fire, this little gift is a flawless choice. A customized guitar pick available in nickel, copper, aluminum, or sterling silver, he’ll be writing you a ballad in no time.

Leather Camera Strap – $29.20+
Camera Strap
For your sweet shutterbug, get him a comfy leather camera strap that’ll only get more buttery soft the more he uses it. You can even finish off your strap with a custom monogram so no one will ever mistake his DSLR for their own.

Natural Beard Care Kit – $25
Natural Beard Care Kit
A grooming gift makes double sense – he’ll get to pamper himself and you won’t get beard burn from any kissing you get up to on Cupid’s favorite day. With soothing beer soap and beard oil, it’s a fantastic combination to keep his facial hair fresh and forgiving.


Pressed Flower Necklace – $35
Real Flower Jewelry
Jewelry is always a classic pick for Valentine’s Day, and Etsy has an incredible group of jewelry makers on board. Instead of flowers this February 14th, why not nab a piece of jewelry that keeps your blooms fresh forever?

100% Handmade Luxury Heart Bath Bombs – $5.89
Heart Bath Bomb
A bubble bath, book, and a glass of wine might be right up her alley for a little time out this month. Get the party started with a sumptuous bath bomb, with your choice of 10 different scents.

Personalized Glass Ring Box – $39
Jewelry Box
Maybe you’re popping the question, maybe you got hitched this year – whatever the case may be, this vintage-inspired glass box is a lovely place to stash her most precious gems and treasures. Plus you can add your own engraving to make it truly hers.


Heart State Necklace – $28
State Necklace
The one true love you can always count on is your home. Celebrate where the heart truly is with this pretty heart-shaped pendant, complete with a state-shaped charm. Great for sending to a long-distance friend!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Mug – $26
Bridesmaid Mug
There’s nothing quite like hanging out with your Galentine and trading stories over a cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee. If you’ve recently put a ring on it, get together with your best gal pal, enjoy a quiet afternoon of catch-up, and get ready for the shrieks when she gets to the bottom of her cup!

Happy Galentine’s Card – $4.50
Galentines Card
Remember those paper valentines you used to exchange at school? Think of this cheerful card as its grown-up equivalent. Take a moment to express what you love about your friendship for a genuinely from-the-heart gift.

Green Avocado BFF Necklace – $23.10
Bff Avocados
There is no greater bond than a shared love of guacamole. Update your elementary school BFF jewelry with this cute and quirky take, featuring two halves of an avocado (with a subtly heart-shaped pit!) to share with your bestie.


Love Potion #9 Limited Edition Candle – $39
Love Potion
A candle is a sweet Valentine’s gift that works for just about anyone you’re celebrating with this month. This limited edition candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio features dreamy notes of lavender and mandarin mixed with wildflowers – perfect for setting the mood for whatever you’re getting up to on Cupid’s day!

Personalized Natural White Birch Coasters – $18
These sweet coasters mimic that old timey practice of carving your initials into a tree – only indoors! Customize your coasters with a date and your initials and raise a glass to your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Knitted Mittens for Hand Holding – $42
Couples Mittens
Valentine’s Day takes place during some of the coldest weather of the year, but this creative gift idea is one way you can stay a little warmer this winter. Choose your color combination and hold hands as you stroll through a wintery wonderland.

Personalized Long Distance Love Key Chains – $27.99
State Keychains
If you’re not spending February 14th together, at the very least this gift idea will remind you of what you’re missing. Add your initials and choose your state to celebrate a love that knows no bounds.


Valentine’s Day Dog Treats – $14
Dog Treats
Filled with yummy all-natural ingredients like peanut butter and carob, this is one box of chocolates worth splurging on for your precious pooch. After all, your pets deserve a little extra love this February don’t they?

Unicorn Whipped Soap – $8+
Unicorn Soap
Not every Valentine’s treat needs to be loaded with sugar to be sweet. This colorful whipped soap will be easily appreciated by your kiddos, plus it smells like sugary yumminess for fun at bath time.

Valentine Heart Doormat – $37.50
Share the love with this adorable doormat, perfect for welcoming friends and family into your home. It’s a wonderfully subtle piece of Valentine’s décor that actually works year-round.

Waffle-Heart Sugar Cookies – $48
Waffle Cookies
If you’re not a baker, you can still enjoy homemade treats on Valentine’s Day! These super sweet shortbread cookies are almost too pretty to munch on – but we’re certain the kids will do the honors anyway.


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A cup with a print on the bottom is really nice! I lоve it.
Knitted mittens are really cute but so uncomfortable. It’s ok for a photo but no more.
Other ideas are ok, thanks

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