Enter Our Mother's Day $1,000 Contest

In honor of Mother’s Day, if you tell us why your mom rocks, you could be eligible to win a $1,000 Visa gift card in our “Hey Mama” Facebook contest! How cool is that?

But before you start writing, think about the possibilities—what would YOU do with $1,000? The first place our minds went is “shopping spree,” of course. But there are several other fun ways to celebrate Mom, as well. Here are a few of them:

A day for family. For many moms, “family time” equals cooking, cleaning, and a variety of other mom-like duties. With $1,000, you could hire a cleaning service for a few months and give Mom a much-needed break. Let someone else do the heavy lifting while your family treats Mom to a new outfit (complete with designer shoes), wines and dines her at her favorite restaurant and enjoys a family-sized “staycation” with local walking tours, a movie matinee or trips to an art gallery.

A day for relaxing. What’s a busy, hard-working mom really need? A few minutes of peace. With $1,000, you can give her 24 hours, at least. Rent a hotel room at a luxury hotel in your city, stock her room with her favorite beverages and snacks, leave a new iPad on the table and give her iTunes credit to load it with music and apps. Book her a massage and facial at an onsite or nearby spa then top it off by paying for her room service.

A day for indulging. Mothers are notorious for putting themselves last when it comes to spending. So what about giving your mom the $1,000 Visa gift card with one stipulation: She has to spend it all on herself.  New clothes, cool shoes, a designer handbag, new home décor, a spa visit, a nice bottle of wine, apps or books for her iPad or Kindle, music for her iPod, and the list goes on—she could indulge her tastes and spend money on herself without any guilt or buyer’s remorse!

Don’t miss your chance to enter this fabulous contest and then ask your friends to vote. You could make this a Mother’s Day to remember.