Editor’s Letter: It’s Never Too Late to Start!

Editor’s Letter: It’s Never Too Late to Start! | thegoodstuff

April is one of those in-between months. We’re getting our house and finances in order and starting to see the promise of sunny days. This month, The Good Stuff is offering up tips and strategies to make the most of this transitional month.

For most of us, the deadline of filing our taxes is looming on our minds. Getting all those papers, statements and receipts together can be daunting. My father was the guy who had everything organized. Every piece of paper had a proper place and so when tax time rolled around, everything was at his fingertips. In fact, my dad kept a ledger of every paycheck he earned beginning with his first job in 1942 all the way until he retired. He knew what he earned and what he paid in taxes.

These days we have technology to keep us organized, it’s just a matter of doing it. So, once you file this year’s returns, it’s not too late to start a new system so that next year’s taxes are a simple task!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the great tips and ideas you have to look forward to on The Good Stuff this month:

  • Staying in the spirt of tax season, enjoy our article on Tax Day freebies and sales offered at restaurants and retail stores. Look for our roundup of the best offers to make tax day a little bit more enjoyable!
  • Travel Nightmares: This month, you’re likely taking a spring break trip or planning a summer vacation. I’ve got a lot of travel experience under my belt and trust me, I’ve seen it all. Look for my series on Travel Nightmares and how to avoid them so you can have the best trip possible.

Check out Jeanette’s tips for troubleshooting 7 common travel problems, your airline passenger bill of rights, what to do when your flight’s cancelled, and how to avoid baggage fees and other pesky travel costs.

  • Earth Day: There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day, so find a way that’s meaningful to you. No effort is too small if it helps out our planet, and it’s never too late to start being more earth-friendly in all we do. We’re taking it back to basics with tips for creating a home recycling center that simplifies the process and gets your kids excited to participate.
  • Spring gardening: Gardening articles make it look so easy, but that’s not always the reality. Some of us simply don’t possess a green thumb and our plants never make it through spring. If that sounds familiar, then keep an eye out for the best houseplants to grow if you have a black thumb and some pet-safe gardening tips. Remember, it’s never too late to learn how to garden!

Even if you lack outdoor space, you can grow a gorgeous garden! Check out our DIY guide for decorative planters!

Happy saving!

Jeanette Pavini


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