Editor’s Letter: Gain a Little Insight & Save a Lot of Money

Editor’s Letter: Gain a Little Insight & Save a Lot of Money | thegoodstuff

As we enter the fifth month of our year, many of us are wondering where the time has gone! I know I am. It just seems to fly by and at times I feel like I’ve got a lot done but more often than not, my day ends with a to-do list that will be carried over to the next day.

Yes, I’m the quintessential to-do list writer. I learned this from my father. He always had a yellow pad and loved checking things off. For me, if I write it out my mind is clearer. I like things broken down with simple strategies to get it done and check it off the list. That’s also one of the things I like about The Good Stuff. We break things down for you into categories: Food, DIY, Style, Save, Life, and then we show you new ways to get creative, save time, and, of course, save money!

Every month brings along a unique set of challenges, celebrations, and deals! So, take a look and check back often. Let us do the research and simplify things for you, so you can create a month of trying out new ideas and having some fun. In fact, be sure to put reading what’s new on The Good Stuff on that to-do list!

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This month won’t disappoint, starting with Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day, May 8

Check out our Mother’s Day Wish List for gift ideas for the special mom in your life — or hints to give your own children! Keep an eye out for our budget Mommy & Me party idea and our kid-friendly egg carton Mother’s Day craft for inexpensive ways to make precious memories with your children, as well as our annual list of places where moms eat free on Mother’s Day!

Wedding season

We’ve got fun and special gift ideas for the bride and groom, plus some budget wedding guest outfit ideas to share. Don’t forget to check out our other budget wedding guides for some DIY ideas. Be sure to keep a budget as you go along. Weddings have a way of adding up to more than you planned with those little extra expenses, but you can plan ahead to avoid them.

Summer food & fun

We’ve got grill recipes, crafts, and projects to keep kids busy galore. In fact, grills made it onto our May Best Buys list! And if you think a family trip to Disney isn’t financially possible this year, guess again! We have tips for Disney and other vacation spots you can visit on a budget.

Memorial Day

Our budget BBQ picnic for under $50, tasty lemonade recipes, the best Memorial Day sales — plus a helpful guide for buying a new mattress! All in time for Memorial Day and the start of summer.

And this is just a taste of what you’ll find on The Good Stuff this month. So, be sure to check back often. I always say if you can gain a little insight, you can save a lot of money! Here’s to May and all the fun and savings it has to offer!!


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