Editor’s Letter: Saying Goodbye to Summer & Hello to Savings

Editor’s Letter: Saying Goodbye to Summer & Hello to Savings | thegoodstuff

To me, August is a time when most of us try to desperately hold onto that feeling of summer. We plan last-minute getaways, sleep in a bit longer on the weekends, and try to spend a bit more time with the kids before they head back to school.

We do this because we know once September rolls around, it’s after-school activities, homework, Halloween, and before we know it…the holidays!

This month we’ve got dozens of ways for you to relish these last days of summer — while you save money and get ready for back to school, of course! Check out some of the fun things we have planned for August:

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Back to school savings & strategies

We’ve got the top back to school sales so you can find the best deals on your kids’ school supplies. I’ll also be showing you just how easy it is to do all your school supply shopping online. Trust me, it’s a breeze! (And a lot quieter without having to drag your kids through the stores, too!)

Even if you don’t have kids that you have to buy for, some of these back to school deals are perfect for your office needs.

Do you remember shopping for school uniforms? I do! If your children have outgrown last year’s polos and dresses, you’ll love our guide on where to find cute uniform essentials. And your kids will love the fun ideas we’re brainstorming for ways to customize their school uniforms!

Fun & cool recipes for the dog days of summer

August is hot! We’ve got some fun ways to keep cool even when the temperature soars. Take a sip of one of our delicious iced coffee recipes, or bite into an ice cream taco! Even your dinner will chill you out with some amazing pasta salad recipes.

Don’t think we forgot dessert, either. Lori’s baking up some amazing Kool-Aid cookies that are so easy to make and super tasty!

Handy dandy shopping guides

Price comparisons can be such a hassle, I know all too well! That’s why we’re doing the legwork for you! Don’t miss the start of our series comparing meal in a box services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.

Most of us know the saving strategies for when we go to the grocery store, but what about saving at the drugstore? Find out the three things you can do that may cut your drugstore bill by up to 50 percent!

Speaking of savings, August Best Buys is one of my favorite stories because there are always a couple of surprises. Every month brings more sales, but what are the best items to buy this month? I’ll let you know!

These are just a few of the stories we’re excited to share with you this month. Is there a topic you don’t see here that you’d like to know more about? Leave me a note in the comments below and tell me all about it!


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