Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. (Cheaper.)

Eat, Drink and Be HealthyIt’s January 26—do you know where your resolutions are? You may find the “be good to my body” one buried under your pile of new workout clothes. So while we can’t be your personal trainer and nutritionist, we can offer you some ideas on how to be healthy (even if you’re not wealthy) with these tips:


Eat your veggies when they’re ripe for the pickin’.  Buy what’s in season—that’s where you’ll find the lowest prices in the produce section. Plus, it’s a great way to work new foods into your menu. In January, look for cabbage and leeks. Next month, nosh on broccoli and cauliflower. Find out more about what’s in season when.

Drink tap water. It’s cheaper and more eco-friendly than bottled, better for you than soda and sugary juices, plus keeping yourself well hydrated can provide weight loss benefits. Check here to make sure your tap water is safe.

Get free advice from online experts. Skip pricey personal trainers and scan sites like Oobafit, SparkPeople, Livestrong, etc. that offer food journals, weight loss programs, tips for healthy eating, workout programs and fitness advice. Plus, you’ll find community members to offer support and accountability. You can also use this coupon code to join the popular Weight Watchers program.

Joining a gym? Ask them to waive the initiation fee. They don’t all advertise this, but many gyms and fitness centers will wave the initiation fee if you join between now and March, saving you $100 or more. Also, if you can swing it, pay for the membership in advance instead of monthly. At Costco, you can nab a two-year contract to any 24 Hour Fitness for $320. That works out to $13 a month versus $37 when you pay in installments.

One last word of advice—eat your Wheaties, or at least something healthy for breakfast. A good breakfast will kick-start your metabolism and keep you from overeating later in the day. Save here to get your day off to a great start.


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