Treat Your Pop to This Easy Father’s Day Gift

Treat Your Pop to This Easy Father's Day Gift | thegoodstuff

Don’t know what to give dad for Father’s Day? Whip up a batch of his favorite popcorn — homemade caramel or kettle corn, chocolate drizzled or store-bought popcorn all work perfectly. Fill a mason jar and attach a note letting your dad know he’s the “World’s Best Pop” or the “Best Pop Ever,” tie a bow, and share.

Of course, this idea pairs nicely with a gift you can splurge and save on for Pop this Father’s Day. We love these offers from Man Crates where you can customize the perfect Dad box, this deal from Ghirardelli for a sweet treat fit for a king, and this bundle deal for Dad from Bonobos! If none of those strike your fancy, see how else you can save with our collection of Father’s Day gift ideas.

You can also turn this easy idea into a big gift basket. Add several jars of different popcorn flavors, dad’s favorite soda pop, and a box of Pops® cereal. Wrap it all up in cellophane and top it off with a bow. Don’t forget the handmade tag!

How to Make a DIY Gift Tag

Treat Your Pop to This Easy Father's Day Gift | thegoodstuff

Though you can certainly print out the message for this gift, it means so much more when penned in your hand. To make a DIY gift tag, cut a piece of cardstock into a tag shape and use a marker to create the message.

When creating DIY gift tags, these basic guidelines of graphic design and chalkboard lettering will help you create a beautiful finished product:

  • With a pencil, very lightly sketch in the words in each line.
  • Write every line in a different script.
  • Combine capital letters, lowercase letters and script for a nice variety. You may also want to include lines at the end of one row of letters — serif and sans serif letters look nice when set next to each other.
  • Keep it simple! Add polka dots, stripes, or other basic design elements.
  • Add color. Or keep it black and white. Making your own gift tag is an art — not a science.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create this simple craft at home:

“World’s Best Pop” Jars: An Easy Father’s Day Gift

Treat Your Pop to This Easy Father's Day Gift | thegoodstuff


  • 1 wide-mouthed mason jar
  • 3-4 cups popcorn (caramel, kettle, etc.)
  • 2 sheets cardstock
  • Scissors
  • One-hole punch
  • Permanent maker
  • 12 inches of yarn or thin rope


  1. Fill mason jar with popcorn. Place lid on top. If desired, cover lid with a round of cardstock.
  2. Cut one piece of cardstock into a 3×4-inch rectangle. Cut the top and bottom of the rectangle into a “V” to create a tag.
  3. Using the first tag as a guide, cut a second piece of cardstock slightly larger than the first.
  4. With the hole punch, cut a hole in the top of both tags.
  5. Write “World’s Best Pop” or “Best Pop Ever” on the front of tag with marker.
  6. Tie tag to mason jar.
  7. Share with Dad and wish him a Happy Father’s Day!

Treat Your Pop to This Easy Father's Day Gift | thegoodstuff


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