How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer

How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer | thegoodstuff

Your purse is like a command center, full of all the essentials for daily survival. But it can also become a disaster zone where all those necessary items seen to disappear.

Enter this easy purse organizer, which you can stitch up in a matter of minutes and use to keep your purse — and therefore your life — tidy and manageable!

You can even add extra purse organizer inserts to your handbag if you carry around extra items. Speaking of essential purse items, I’ve got a list of things almost every woman should have in their purse below the tutorial. Check it out and make sure you’re covered in any situation!

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Easy DIY Purse Organizer

How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer| thegoodstuff


• A stiff fabric placemat, mine was 12×18 inches
• Heavy duty sewing machine needle
• Thread that matches your placemat
• Sewing pins
• The items you’d like to place in your organizer for measuring

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How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer| thegoodstuff

1. Pick out the longest object you’ll be storing in your organizer and use it to measure the depth of the pocket you’ll be making. In my case, it was an iPhone and I folded the placemat up lengthwise about 5 inches to fit it.

2. Sew the ends of the pocket together as close to the edge as possible.

3. Slide the objects you’ll be storing into the pocket and use their edges to mark the size of the individual compartments. I just marked the width with pins since the pattern of my placemat made it easy to follow straight lines. You could also use sewing tape. (Using specific objects helps to create a variety of compartment sizes but you’ll find it’s still easy to swap them out for other items as your needs change)

4. Remove the objects and sew along the marked lines to create the compartments.

5. Slide your essentials into the organizer and put it in your purse! I found that this organizer was stiff enough to stand up on its own along one edge of a tote bag. You could also roll your organizer up if your bag is floppier.

How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer| thegoodstuff

How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer| thegoodstuff

10 Items You Should Always Have in Your Purse

Everyone’s purse contents will vary, but there are a few essentials every woman should always have on hand. Not all of these need to go in your nifty new purse organizer, but having a few separated out will make rummaging around that much easier!

1. Portable charger, so you’re never stranded with a dead cell phone or eReader.

2. Chapstick, because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than chapped lips!

3. Moisturizing hand lotion, because especially in colder weather your hands quickly become cracked and dried post-washing. It’s even better if you find one with a nice scent that can double as perfume.

4. Bandaids and Neosporin in case of a cut (your own or someone else’s).

5. Wet wipes — all-natural wipes are best so you can use them to clean everything from little faces to messy surfaces.

6. Pens, because you never know when you’ll need to sign something. If you’re old-fashioned, you could also keep a small notebook with you for note-taking and list-making.

7. A roll of quarters, so you never have to pass on that perfect parking spot.

8. Hand sanitizer, especially for kids who may not do the most thorough job washing their hands

9. Water bottle — you never know when thirst will strike and you don’t want to get stuck shelling out too much money for expensive bottled water.

10. Snacks, because a cranky kid without low blood sugar is no fun. Keep healthy snacks like trail mix or dried fruit on hand to avoid it.


8 replies on “How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer”

I loved your idea, so I used a Pioneer Woman quilted place-mat to make a similar organizer. I decided to make an elastic scrunchy to hold it together as a roll because I’m not using it in a purse. Awesome idea – Thanks for sharing it!

I made one like it several years ago. I put buttons and button loops on the ends so I
could use it flat in a larger bag or in a circle in a smaller bag. I’ve been thinking about velcroing a ‘floor’ inside the circle when it is in buttoned closed so, if I want to pull out the organizer to change purses, I could just grab it and any items inside the circle would come along with it. I guess, in essence, an inside-out purse. LOL

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