Spoil Your Sweetie With This Easy DIY Bed Tray

How are you spoiling your sweetie this Valentine’s Day?

There are so many ways, but may I recommend one that he or she will really appreciate? That’s right, breakfast in bed! And, of course, if you provide breakfast, you’re going to need a pretty tray to serve it on.

I’m thrilled to share this DIY breakfast in bed tray idea from Brit+Co with you today. I saw this project the other day and wanted to find out just how easy it is to create. Great news for you, it really is!

Turns out this DIY lap tray took me only 15 minutes to make — and it only costs about $14. That’s $7.99 for the wooden tray, and 50 cents for each paint color (I used eight). If you seal yours with Mod Podge, you can buy a small, two-ounce bottle for just $2. Sounds like a winner to me!

Alright, ready to get started? You can even let your children lend a hand, since this abstract design is all about letting your inner Picasso out, having a great time, and, of course, letting a loved one know you care with such a sweet gesture.

Here’s how to decorate a breakfast in bed tray in just a few minutes.

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DIY Bed Tray

Easy DIY Bed Tray | thegoodstuff


Unfinished wood tray
• Acrylic paint in multiple colors (use what you have on hand!)
• Painter’s tape
• Paintbrushes
• Mod Podge Hard Coat (optional)

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1. Tape off your wood tray around the inside edge using the painter’s tape. Overlap as necessary and smooth.

2. Add a basecoat to the bottom of your tray using a light color. I used white on my tray. Paint as many coats as you need to cover the tray and let dry.

3. Choose about 7-10 colors of acrylic paint and pick up a paint brush. Dip your brush into one paint color and make swipes across your tray, about 3-4 to start.

4. Choose a second color of paint and continue making swipes straight across the tray. Repeat with multiple colors, covering various parts of your tray and layering colors over one another.

5. If you don’t like your design, simply lighten it up with a little white or let dry and paint a few additional colors on top. This is a no fail project!

6. Choose a color for some splatter painting. Wet your brush thoroughly and don’t dry it! Dip the brush in the paint and swirl. Tap the brush on the side of your finger so that the splatters go directly onto the tray.

7. Let your tray dry completely. Seal it with Mod Podge Hard Coat for protection if you like.

8. Serve breakfast on top!

This tray is so easy! Get a visual for how to make it in the video below.

Pick the favorite colors of the gift recipient and get creative. You won’t believe how fun it is to make this breakfast in bed tray — almost as fun as receiving breakfast in bed.

DIY Lap Tray | thegoodstuff