Start Your Own Easter Traditions As a Single Mom


There is only one Easter Bunny in this house and she wants her kids to believe in her for as long as possible! So with Easter on the horizon this April 5, it is time to start planning for the best Easter day a single mom can throw! With foods, crafts and a little planning ahead, the bunny will prove that you can celebrate Easter, single mom style and it can be a blast! Here area few tips to help you start your own Easter traditions!

Get a Head Start and Hide Eggs Early

hide eggs early

The Easter Bunny loves to hide eggs in the yard. But when I have my kids all of Easter weekend, it is hard to find the time to actually go outside and lay the eggs for them to find. So I plan early — as in 4 a.m. early. Yes, it is still dark outside. But with the kids asleep and the eggs cleverly stuffed with pennies, stickers and some candy in my room late at night, it keeps the magic going! So I get up, put on my white fluffy robe – in case they look out the window – and lay the eggs early in the day.

Have a Craft Ready to Go

ready the crafts

Once the Easter baskets are opened, the eggs are hunted and you are out of ideas, the kids still need something fun to do. Being that I’m a single mom, I love to have a craft ready to go so my kids don’t have to worry about too much down time. Whether it be a fun egg hand-print craft or something as simple as construction paper, scissors and markers, keeping the kids busy for a little while with Easter themed crafts is a must!

Fun Desserts Are Always a Hit

create Easter dessert

As a single mom with three kids, I am not going all out on meals as I’d rather spend the day with the kids than in the kitchen making dishes they may not want to eat anyway. That being said, I do want them to have a fun and unique dessert to enjoy on Easter day! So I might put colorful icing in between fun cookies or ice cupcakes with sparkly sprinkles. Something they don’t get every day makes it a little more special to celebrate Easter.

Easter Night Is a Great Movie Night

easter movie night

Here Comes Peter Cottontail, HOP and It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown are all great movies that can come off the shelf for Easter night! After a day of egg hunting, craft making, dinner having and dessert loving, a movie with the kids is just what the single mom Easter bunny ordered to get ready for bedtime. We make a pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor and pop some popcorn to enjoy. With the house dark and the little ones tired, it is a great way to round out a relaxing day for a mom and her kids!

Any holiday as a single mom can be a challenge. But with a little prep, a little creativity and the goal being family fun, the day can go smoothly and be a memory everyone loves! How are you planning to celebrate Easter?