Easter Party: Bunny Tail Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt


Easter egg hunts are a big deal in our family. We go all out and plan hunts that the whole family can be a part of. This year, you can host a Bunny Tail Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt with your own family. We have bunny tail treats for the kids and ideas to make your Easter party a huge success.

Our kids Bunny Tail Brunch features bunny pancakes, veggies & dip, bunny yogurt, strawberries push ups and bunny tail cookies. We combine fresh ingredients with store bought items to make this easy to pull together. Check out our coupons to save more money both at the grocery store and your local craft store.

Set the Drinks

the drinks

Set up a table with drinks, snacks and a basket for each child. Wrap ribbon around the drink containers and fill with pink lemonade. Finish with a striped straw topped with a ball of cotton candy.

Make the Bunny Tail Pancakes

bunny tail pancakes

Serves 8-10


  • 1 box mini pancakes
  • Pint of fresh strawberries
  • Can of whipped cream


Buy a box of mini pancakes in your frozen section. Follow directions to reheat.  Cut the top off and discard. Slice strawberries and put in a bowl.

Place one pancake on the plate and place another on top but only covering half the pancake. Place two strawberries on the top to form ears. Spray a dollop of whipped cream on the bottom to form a tail.

Add the Veggie Dip Cups

veggie dip

Serves 8-10


  • 1 bunch of celery, cut into 3 inch strips
  • 1 bunch of carrots, peeled and cut into 3 inch strips
  • Ranch dressing


Fill cups or mini mason jars with 1/4 cup dressing.

Start the Berry Yogurt Push Ups

Berry Yogurt Push Ups

Serves 6



Serve berries and yogurt in push up pop containers. You can make these in mini mason jars or small glasses if you do not have push up pops.

Roll out sugar cookie dough on a board sprinkled with flour. Use a rabbit head cookie cutter and cut out the ears. Bake as directed.

Fill each push up with strawberries. Place yogurt in piping bag with a star tip. Swirl around the top several times. Place in freezer until ready to serve. Insert cookie ears in top and add chocolate pearls for eyes.

Serve the Bunny Tail Cookies

bunny tail cookies

Serve 12 cookies



Roll out sugar cookie dough on a board sprinkled with flour. Use a bunny cookie cutter and cut out 12 cookies. Use a small flower cookie cutter and cut out 12 for the tail. Bake as directed.

Frost the bunny cookies and the tails. Place the tail on the bunny. Right before serving top the tail with a bunch of cotton candy. Use a dab of frosting to adhere.

Check out more ideas for an Easter Brunch here.

Here are several ideas to help you plan your Easter party egg hunt.

  • Basic Egg Hunt – Simply hide eggs and let the kids find them.
  • Photo Egg Hunt – give them pictures printed out that show the hidden item for them to find. They loved that game. Of course this requires pre-planning and taking photos ahead of time. My cousin came up with this cute idea!
  • Family Egg Hunt – Engage the family by placing cards in the egg that direct them to an adult. When they find them, the adult is holding the surprise. I love this version of the egg hunt because it is a great way for the grandparents to be a part of the hunt.
  • Fill the eggs with jelly beans and other non-melting candies. Then you can decide to offer one or more of the following:

Easter party egg hunt

Since there are only three kids in the entire family right now, we split up and each family takes one thing to buy. Each of us getting a basket for them seemed a little over the top so we made the decision to pool our resources. Each child gets one basket from the extended family. We have some eggs filled with candy but then others hold little $5 gift cards. One aunt might get the ice cream gift certificates and I might get $5 Target cards for each.

Finally, take lots of pictures. My favorite family photos each year come from our egg hunt.

Tips for Photographing Your Egg Hunt

  • Get a pre-shot with the kids holding their empty baskets
  • Get action shots, these are the most fun.
  • Get individual shots of each child.
  • Get the final shot of the kids and their filled baskets.
  • Take a closeup of some eggs, it will make a cute shot for your scrapbook


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