Too-Cute Mother and Daughter Easter Outfits


Easter is the quintessential spring holiday. Between the festive egg hunts and the endless parade of darling pastel outfits, Easter is a fun and adorable day for children and adults alike. This Easter, help your little ones get excited for the holiday by creating a matching Easter outfits! Creating a coordinating mother-daughter look is easy and fun, and your little girls will be thrilled to look just like mommy for the Easter bunny!

Find A Mini-Version of Your Dress

Mommy and Me Easter Outfit Ideas | thegoodstuff

Source: Be Inspired Boutique

To create a traditional Mommy and Me look, find a clothing company that creates the same dress designs for children and adults. Your little girl will be so excited to have the same dress as her mother, and your matching outfits will look cute in family Easter photos! If you’d like to make your daughter feel extra special, let her add a personal touch to her outfit like a big hair bow or a new sparkly bracelet.

Wear Matching Colors or Patterns in Different Styles

Mommy and Me Easter Outfit Ideas | thegoodstuff

Source: Ryleigh Rue Clothing

Another way to create a fun coordinating look with your daughter is to style individual outfits with a matching color scheme. By wearing the same colors as you, your daughter will still look like your Mini Me; however, you’ll be able to pick out a style that’s appropriate for your age range and personal fashion preferences. This option is also budget-friendly because you can mix and match items you already own as long as they’re in the correct colors!

Create Matching Hairstyles

Create Matching Hairstyles

Source: 100 Layer Cake-let

Whether you’re wearing identical dresses or just want a little bit of mother-daughter bonding time, try wearing matching hairstyles on Easter Sunday. Loose waves, voluminous curls, and boho braids are easy options that look great on kids and adults, or you could simply wear matching hair accessories. This incredibly sweet photo shoot features a mommy-daughter duo wearing matching flower headbands, but you could choose to wear matching bows, hair clips, or regular headbands.

Create Mommy & Me Manicures

Mommy And Me Manicures

Source: Lime Crime

The iconic pastel shades of Easter are ideal for creating fun and festive manicures. Sit down with your little girl and create matching or similar Easter manicures together. For a fun look, paint each nail in a different pastel shade, and then use a cotton swab or bobby pin to create polka dots in a contrasting color! This activity will be fun for you and your daughters, and it will add a special touch to your matching Easter ensembles.

If you follow these easy tips, you and your little one will be an adorable pair on Easter Sunday!