Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is less than a week away—time for the bunny to be on high alert! No need to stress, though. You still have time to think “outside the basket” and create some cool personalized Easter treats.

Here are some clever ideas for out-of-the-ordinary Easter baskets, for both kids and adults alike.

  • For Preschoolers: No need for a whole basket full of candy. Instead, fill a sand pail with water-friendly books, toys and bubble bath. Plastic eggs and a traditional rubber ducky can add inexpensive play to bath time.
  • For the Gardener: In lieu of a basket, use a watering can or decorate a terracotta pot. Add vegetable seeds, an herb plant and patterned gardening gloves. For a personalized touch, share your favorite family vegetable recipes.
  • For the Chef: Buy a colander in a spring hue like green or pink. Line it with a cheerful kitchen towel and add a jar of sauce, pasta, and olive oil. For an added touch, buy Easter-shaped pasta from a gourmet food store.
  • For the BBQ Aficionado: Line the bottom of a metal grill basket with charcoal. Fill it with barbecue sauces, marinades, rubs and grilling tools. Buy a plain apron from a craft supply store and have your kids decorate it.
  • For the Family:  Get a popcorn bucket from your local movie theater. Add a family-friendly flick and this crowd-pleaser: Coat plain popped popcorn with melted chocolate or caramel, bake on a greased cookie sheet until you reach desired texture, then add toppings like nuts or marshmallows.

Final Word: In addition to baskets, there are other fun and creative ways to celebrate Easter this week. Find us on Pinterest for some of our favorites.