10 Life Hacks for Easier Mornings with Kids

10 Life Hacks for Easier Mornings with Kids | Coupons.com

Do you ever find yourself exhausted by 8 am on a school morning? Scrambling around to get the kids ready and out the door in time is stressful- and unnecessary. These simple tweaks to your routine will make your mornings a well-oiled operation. You might even find yourself enjoying the pre-school time with the kids!

Rest and Rise At The Same Time


The easiest way to make getting out of bed in the morning less stressful is to get kids on a regular rhythm. If they go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, it’ll be much easier to get them out of bed in the morning. If they still need some help opening their eyes, try one of these cute kids alarm clocks.

Play Some Music


To help ease the waking-up process, try playing some of your kids favorite songs, as Playtivities suggests. Make a playlist that goes from quieter/calmer to more energetic, and have it going while kids get dressed, brush their teeth, etc. It’ll help put some pep in their step and become part of the routine.

Make a Routine


If you tackle morning tasks in the same order every time, you’ll avoid confusion and resistance from the kids. You can just talk through it until it becomes routine, or make a visual checklist, such as this one. This will give kids the concrete gratification of checking off their tasks.

Organize The Bathroom


You can waste a lot of time rummaging around for that missing hairbrush or toothpaste. To avoid this morning hassle, organize the kids bathroom so everyone knows exactly where to look for their get-ready essentials. This blog has some helpful hints for how to get your kids’ bathroom in order.

Make Breakfast Quick – and Healthy


You don’t need to spend an hour cooking a gourmet breakfast. Instead, check out these recipes for easy or make-ahead kids breakfasts that are also healthy! You’ll have more time to tackle other morning tasks, but the kids will still be satisfied until lunch.

Pack Lunches the Night Before


Instead of trying to make both breakfast and lunch at the same time, pack school lunches the night before. Check out these tips for simplifying the school lunch process.

Pick Out Clothes the Night Before


Have your little ones help pick out their school outfits the night before. Lay them out so kids can get up and dressed first thing. If your kids are still too young to get through breakfast without covering themselves in it, you can wait to change- but having their outfits already picked out will make life that much easier.

Organize Your Mudroom


Keep kids backpacks, shoes, and other school essentials neatly organized so they aren’t doing a desperate search in the morning. Don’t have a mudroom? This post has great ideas for getting an organized entryway regardless. And this post tells you how to do it on a budget!

Reward Them


Yes, sometimes bribery is the way to go. Tell the kids that if they get ready early, they can play with a favorite toy or have a glass of chocolate milk- whatever works! They’ll feel empowered and you won’t be harping on them every other minute to get moving.

Wake up Earlier


Sorry but there’s no magic way to buy yourself more time in the morning. If you’re consistently running behind, try waking up even 10-15 minutes earlier. Either do it solo and use the time to get ready without the kids, or wake everyone up earlier and get the day rolling.

10 Life Hacks for Easier Mornings with Kids | Coupons.com