Earth Day Craft: DIY Recycling Center for Kids

Earth Day Craft: DIY Recycling Center for Kids | thegoodstuff

With Earth Day right around the corner, it’s time to show the planet some love — and get the whole family in on the action! This cheerful recycling center makes taking care of Mother Earth a fun activity for those of all ages.

Kids can help make the DIY stickers showing the various recycling categories, and you can customize the motifs to suit your household. Looking for more ways to make your home earth-friendly? Check out more in-home recycling ideas here!

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Earth Day Craft: DIY Recycling Center


  • Simple white bins (As many as you need for your recycling categories, I used these.)
  • White sticker paper (I used this.)
  • Sharpies or other permanent markers
  • Optional: Composting bin

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Earth Day Craft: DIY Recycling Center for Kids | thegoodstuff

  1. Decide on your recycling categories, then start doodling motifs on the sticker paper to represent items in each (including a composting bin if you’d like). Depending on how old your kids are, you can let them take over this part of the process, or you can draw the outlines of various images and then let the kids color them in. This is a great opportunity to discuss with kids what can be recycled (and composted): Explain that cans and other metals belong together, while cardboard and paper are in the same category. Depending on your neighborhood’s recycling policies, glass and plastics can be recycled together or separately.
  2. Be sure to write out the recycling categories for each bin. (In this case: Metal, paper, plastic and glass, and compost.) You can add recycling symbols to each bin if you’d like.
  3. Now cut out the motifs. For the words and recycling symbols, you can just cut out rectangles or squares around the motif. The white will blend in with the bin when adhered.
  4. Carefully peel off the paper on the back and apply the stickers to the sides of your bins in whatever arrangement you’d like. And you’re done!

Earth Day Craft: DIY Recycling Center for Kids | thegoodstuff

By turning a homemade recycling center into a fun DIY project, you’ll get kids excited about the meaning of Earth Day — and they’ll learn about recycling in the process. Best of all, this fun and colorful final product will ensure that your family sticks to proper waste disposal from now on!