Dyeing Easter Eggs

Just a few days till Easter! Egg decorating is the perfect time to let your creativity run wild. Start with the basic inexpensive decorating kits, like those from Paas or Dudley. Instead of splurging on fancy kits, find things around your house and be all sorts of artistic.

Here’s how to add some flair to your Easter eggs:

Dye eggs while they’re still warm. It’ll help the dye to dry quicker.

Don’t skip the vinegar. Adding vinegar to your dye creates a more vibrant color.

Use your white crayon. It’s the perfect way to personalize your eggs with names and initials. The dye won’t soak in to any area with crayon.

Repurpose leftover stickers. Want a polka dot egg? Small round stickers (like you’d use in a garage sale) can be placed on the egg before dipping in the dye. Star and heart-shaped stickers make cute designs, as well. Just be sure to apply firmly so dye can’t seep underneath the stickers.

Grab some rubber bands. Place a bunch randomly around the egg before dipping, and you’ll end up with a cool design after you take them off. Be sure the dye dries completely first.

Make funny faces. Start by dyeing eggs in a solid vibrant yellow color—think the traditional smiley face color. When they’re dry, use a black fine line Sharpie to create different faces (one for every family member?) and place them in a basket with Easter grass for a cute display of an egg “family.”

Skip the dye and use crayon shavings. While your eggs are still very warm after boiling, place them in disposable bowls with crayon shavings. The shavings will melt when they come into contact with the hot shell. Use a toothpick to prod and roll the egg around if it’s too hot for little hands. You’ll end up with a cool tie-dye effect.

Show off your hard work and use candlesticks to display your favorite decorated eggs. Keep the egg cartons to store hard-boiled eggs for up to seven days in the fridge. For more creative ways to celebrate Easter, find us on Pinterest.