7 Ways to Boost Your Drugstore Savings

7 Ways to Boost Your Drugstore Savings

These days drugstores are so much more than just a place to get your prescriptions filled and buy your over-the-counter medications. Now you can find groceries, school supplies, makeup, even outdoor furniture at the drugstore.

If you’re already filling a prescription, it just makes sense to do the rest of your shopping at the drugstore. But more and more, savvy shoppers are pointing to other ways you can save money at the drugstore, like knock-off beauty products and cheap diapers.

A few weeks ago I challenged myself to see just how much money I could actually save while shopping at a drugstore. In the end I saved close to 50 percent! My total was $246, but I only paid $128, meaning I saved a whopping $118!

But you don’t have to be a savings expert like me to save lots of money. Let me show you just how easy it is to pile on those drugstore savings!

See Jeanette in action! Check out her Facebook Live video showing what she got at the drugstore for only $128:

First things first: Tried & true savings techniques

I’m sure you already know these classic ways to save money, but they’re definitely worth repeating:

1. Look at your local drugstore’s weekly ad to find out what’s on sale

7 Ways to Boost Your Drugstore Savings | thegoodstuff

If you don’t get a newspaper delivered to your door, you can find weekly ads for CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens online, too.

Use the weekly ad to write up your shopping list and plan ahead. For example, if there’s a particular pain reliever your family uses and it’s on sale at a great price, go ahead and stock up.

2. Check for coupons to save more

Yes, you just found a whole ton of coupons in your drugstore’s weekly ad, but did you know you can often find even more coupons online?

Best of all, you’ll find that coupons for drugstore items are usually high value — sometimes as much as $5 off!

If a particular item you need isn’t on sale, check websites like Coupons.com for their online grocery coupons. Don’t forget, you can also find coupon codes for each specific drugstore online, too. Coupons.com will hook you up with the latest codes for Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid in a pinch!

The nitty gritty: Drugstore savings tips you may not have known

Alright, now that we’ve got the basics down, it’s time to try some less common drugstore savings tips to get that shopping trip grand total cut in half!

3. Make sure you sign up to become a rewards and loyalty member

7 Ways to Boost Your Drugstore Savings | thegoodstuff

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Usually it’s free to sign up, and this will allow you to gain additional benefits like dollars off your next purchase. Trust me, some of these rewards really add up!

You can sign up for CVS ExtraCare Rewards, Rite Aid’s wellness+Plenti points, and Walgreens’ Balance Rewards online, or check with a cashier on your next visit.

4. Figure out how you’re going to spend instant rewards

If you earn dollars off by being a loyalty member at your local drugstore, you should decide what you’re going to spend those free dollars on.

One strategy I like to use is to divide my shopping cart into two sections. The first half of my cart is for items that offer me some type of instant rewards. The other half is filled with items I’m going to purchase using those instant rewards.

Don’t forget, you can still use any coupons you clipped in addition to your instant store rewards savings!

5. Go ahead and get that raincheck

7 Ways to Boost Your Drugstore Savings | thegoodstuff

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If an item you want is on sale but out of stock, it doesn’t mean you went on your shopping trip for nothing. Ask a cashier or drugstore employee if you can get a raincheck on the item. This means you can still get that great sale price on the item when it comes back in stock.

6. Download the drugstore app

Find out if your favorite drugstore offers an app. You can download the CVS app, Rite Aid app, and the Walgreens app for both Android and Apple devices.

This is a great strategy because some drugstore apps will allow you to save their in-store coupons directly to your rewards card. Now when you put in your loyalty card, you’ll earn those rewards and get those coupon discounts all in one swipe!

7. Check drugstore prices on photo prints & books

I’m a big fan of printing photos, they make such a lovely gift. But sometimes prints can be expensive.

I’ve found that drugstores offer some of the best pricing on photo prints and gift items. Recently, after a large family event, I had gorgeous hard-cover photo books made with about 30 pages of photos each for less than $20!

I gave these photo books as gifts to several family members and they loved them, especially the grandparents who always express their frustration that, unless they have a smartphone, they never get to see family photos anymore!

Just like anything else you’re planning on buying at the drugstore, keep an eye out for more ways to save. Check for online coupon codes for CVS Photo, check the drugstore app or weekly ad for deals, and see if you can earn or spend rewards points on those beautiful family photos.