Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends: 11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

When buying gifts for your four-legged family members, think what gets their purrs of approval or that tail wagging. This holiday, sniff out something special for your fur-babies, because you can’t lick the great feeling of making your pet-pal happy.

Discover great ideas for all the members of your family and even your best friends with our ultimate 2015 holiday gift guide!

What’s unique about your pet?

Not sure where to start? Take a look at what makes your four-legger tick. For ever-ready, active dogs consider a backpack or life preserver, and make a doggy diva center of attention with a diamante jacket. For the cat that rules the roost, there’s a kitty condo and the stately senior always appreciates a heated cat bed. And what self-respecting hamster wouldn’t love a moon-buggy as a run around?

Your pup will love a few homemade dog treats stuffed in their stocking, too! Try this recipe for pumpkin dog treats or cool them down with something frozen!

When buying for your fur-family, quality counts. Chose well-made items that are pet-safe and won’t pose a hazard if chewed. But, happily, you don’t have to spend big to make your cat or dog purr or bark with pleasure. You can hunt down a bargain and make that unique gift affordable by using coupon codes or keeping a well-trained eye out for special offers.

Pet-friendly shopping

Treat your pet by tracking down their perfect outdoor equipment at Sierra Trading Post. For that super luxe cat bed consider Macy’s or a gold charm for their collar try Kate Spade. To get truly purr-sonal, shop at Snapfish or Shutterfly. If practicality is your thing, then explore Kohl’s or Kirkland’s, and for fun and frivolous check out PetSmart.

Best Gifts for Pets 2015

1. Good2Go Dog Backpack

Petco, $19.49

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Make a resolution to take your hound along on hikes. With an adjustable harness, reflective strips, and zip pockets, this pack means your dog can carry his own gear in comfort.

2. Harry Barker Plaid Slipper

Nordstrom, $12-$14

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Is your dog more of a slippers-by-the-fire type? No problem! This colorful plaid slipper, complete with squeaker, will keep your hearth-hound happy for hours.

3. Aromatherapy Pet Spa in a Box

Amazon, $28.99

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

If you want to pamper your pooch, what could be better than a pet spa in a box? Not only will your pet enjoy the one-on-one attention, but he’ll smell great afterwards.

4. Sunny Window Seat

Walmart, $19.97

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Turn any window into a sunbathing opportunity for your heat-seeking kitty. The suction power of the Sunny Seat holds up to 50 pounds and saves valuable floor space while allowing kitty to top up on those vital catnaps.

5. Three-Level Cat Tree

Pet Mountain, $153

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Make your cat feel like a king with a high perch second to none. Give your cat hours of entertainment by sitting this cat tree near a window so she can climb up and look down on the neighborhood.

6. Flying Saucer Animal Wheel

PetSmart, $6.99-$25.99

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Let’s not forget our little buddies with this great way for your hamsters, mice, or gerbils to have a flight of fancy. This innovative design allows your pocket pet to run wild without bending their backs.

7. Ultra-Bliss Memory Foam Dog Bed

Pet Dreams, $59.99-$99.99

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Reclaim your own bed by providing your pet with one so comfy they won’t want to leave it. These memory foam dog beds are the real deal when it comes to the ultimate in canine comfort.

8. Gold Sparkle Clip

Pet Supermarket, $2.97

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

This is the season of glitter and good cheer, so make sure your pet shines by accessorizing their collar or bouffant up-do with this gold sparkle clip. In fact, at this price why stop at one — add a whole galaxy of shine for a pet that’s truly out of this world.

9. Rawhide Holiday Stocking

Amazon, $9.99

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Chew on this: Candy canes that are good for your canine companion’s teeth! A gift to smile about that keeps your dog distracted, leaving you free to prepare for the holiday celebrations. A win-win situation for both of you.

10. SmartCat Kitty’s Garden

Pet Food Direct, $12.99

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

Bring the outdoors inside this holiday and help your cat to satisfy her need to chew on grass to regulate her digestion. (Especially important if she’s having extra treats this holiday.) Kitty’s Garden also attracts your cat away from holiday bouquets and plants to keep your furry friend out of trouble.

11. Kitty Kaviar

Pet Food Direct, $9.14

11 Best Gifts for Pets 2015 | thegoodstuff

This holiday, why not spoil the cat in your life with the luxury of Kitty Kaviar? This all-natural, preservative and additive free, cat treat is made from fish that will have your feline friend positively purring with pleasure.

Before you shop for Fido or Fluffy, check for coupon codes that will save you even more on their toys and treats!