Does Rite Aid Price Match?

We’ve had a lot of people ask if Rite Aid offers a price match or a price adjustment, so we did some online sleuthing and found the answer for you!

Does Rite Aid Price Match?

As of 2017, Rite Aid does not officially have a price match policy. That being said, we’ve experienced positive situations in some stores where the manager will accept the price from another store if you have the circular with you.

With a lot of competition from CVS and Walgreens, it makes sense that your local Rite Aid will be more likely to provide you with a price match to competitors nearby.

Additional Insights for Rite Aid

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Unlike many other stores we’ve researched, simply returning an item and buying it at a competitor can be problematic with Rite Aid.

Their site says “We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase,” although it then immediately says that returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Don’t rely on Rite Aid giving you a full cash refund if you see a lower price elsewhere and want to return an item to take advantage of the savings.

There is one big item to note, though: Rite Aid provides a full refund if you purchase online, however you can’t return an item purchased online at a retail location!

To find more offers and deals, visit our Rite Aid coupons page.


2 replies on “Does Rite Aid Price Match?”

Rite Aid doesn’t even price match with their own online store. the item on riteaid online will be priced at $8.99 regular price and in store $13.99….what a joke

Confirmed, an item on riteaid website looked affordable but in the store that same item was 35% more expensive.

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