A DIY Wedding Menu for Just $100


A DIY Wedding Menu for Just $100 | thegoodstuff

If a grandiose wedding isn’t in your budget, don’t despair. Though hiring a catering company takes the time-consuming tasks of food prep and mealtime clean-up off your plate, the actual prices for professional catering are often exorbitant. Keep in mind, you’re not just paying for food, but for professional consultations, on-the-clock staff, and company overhead.

Instead of tossing precious pennies away, why not cater your own wedding? It may sound crazy, but it is possible to pull off. With a little creative planning, some help from friends and family, and our surefire planning tips & budget-happy menu, you need just $100 to entertain 30 wedding guests!

DIY Wedding Survival 101

These 5 no-stress tips are guaranteed to get your through your DIY wedding day.

1. Get organized


Plan ahead and make lists. What ingredients will you need? What recipes can be prepped 3-days in advance? 2-days? What needs to be made the day of (and who can help you prep food in those final minutes before the wedding)? What will you need to bring to and from the venue?

Create a shopping list. Write down your food prep schedule. Sketch out where each tray of food or serving dish will go on the food table. We also recommend creating a label for each dish, so guests can easily tell what’s on the menu. Having everything organized and written down ahead of time will keep you from forgetting important things on your big day!

2. Buy in bulk


Get as much as you can at a warehouse club to cut down on cost, and make a separate trip for fresh ingredients no more than a week before the wedding. Double check your list before cooking or baking. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of menu prep, only to be sidelined by a last-minute shopping trip!

3. Get help


Enlist friends and family to help out. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who are willing to lend a hand. Make sure to have several friends around for set-up and break-down after your event.

4. Set the date


If at all possible, invite everyone to a daytime reception, rather than an evening affair. It’s cheaper to serve lunch or brunch than dinner, so swap out the traditional sit-down dinner for serve-yourself trays of mini-bite appetizers and desserts.

5. Keep it simple


Limit offerings and choices on the menu, and keep the food simple — now’s not the time for elaborate recipes with expensive ingredients.

DIY $100 Wedding Menu

Though catering your own wedding may sound like a monumental feat, it’s entirely possible to pull it off. We’ve found five beautiful, budget-friendly recipes that come together to create an absolutely beautiful party menu. If you’re looking for time-saving, cash-saving ways to cater your own wedding, this menu is for you!

1. Bridal bruschetta


Source: A Pretty Life

Approximate cost to feed 30: $20

Prepare: Chop tomatoes & slice/toast the bruschetta the day before the wedding. Assemble when ready to eat, or allow guests to make their own.

Make a simple and delicious basil tomato bruschetta the morning of the wedding and plate on baguette slices at the venue. Shop at your local farmer’s market for in-season tomatoes, and ask for a discount for buying in bulk.

2. Commitment crudité


Source: Add a Pinch 

Approximate cost to feed 30: $15

Prepare: The day before the wedding

Warehouse clubs often have fresh vegetables in bulk, so check the produce section for mini sweet peppers and snap peas. In-season veggies are your best bet, and your guests will love these crudités with roasted red pepper buttermilk dip.

3. Sweetheart caprese skewers


Source: Iowa Girl Eats

Approximate cost to feed 30: $25

Prepare: Assemble skewers the day before the wedding. Drizzle with balsamic just before serving.

If you feel adventurous, you can make your own fresh mozzarella cheese, but check you warehouse club for 2 packs at a reasonable price. These caprese skewers with balsamic drizzle are easy to prep and transport to the wedding venue.

4. Merry mini cupcakes


Source: Call Me Cupcake

Approximate cost to feed 30: $15

Prepare: Up to 2 days before the wedding

This blondie cupcake with raspberry buttercream recipe makes 36 mini cupcakes. Don’t spend an arm and a leg for a fancy layer cake when you can bake cupcakes a day or two in advance and save a ton of money.

5. Celebration champagne punch


Source: Martha Stewart

Approximate cost to feed 30: $25

Prepare: Prep simple syrup up to 1 week before the wedding, slice fruit the evening before. Pour everything into a punch bowl just before serving.

An open bar can be ridiculously expensive, so make a bowl of champagne punch with inexpensive liquor, fresh fruit, and simple syrup. Serve in a large glass bowl with fresh fruit for an elegant look.

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