16 Love-Filled DIY Valentines That Aren’t Cards


Think outside the envelope this year with these 30 love-filled Valentines that aren’t, well, cards. Little gifts, from doughnuts to lip balm, are a fun way to jazz up your average love note. They’re easy to create and gift in bulk (most just need a note with a clever pun on it), and they’re a cinch to pull together last minute. Your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness and originality, and you’ll have fun spreading the Valentine’s Day joy in an unconventional way.

1. Pink Popcorn

pink popcorn

Find instructions on how to make these exclusive to The Good Stuff sparkly love arrows DIY here!

2. Fruit

FruitSource: Cake Whiz

A healthy and humorous alternative to all that candy, use edible markers to write messages for loved ones on pieces of fruit. You could add a ribbon bow or put them in a decorative baggie before gifting.

3. Cacti

CactiSource: Look What I Made

Who knew prickles could be so precious? Use the free printable plant speech bubbles to turn cacti (or other plants) into funny DIY Valentines.

4. Conversation Heart Balloons

Conversation Heart BalloonsSource: Confetti Sunshine

These balloons are an upgraded version on those ubiquitous conversation heart candies. To make them, pump up small heart-shaped balloons, fill with with candy (any kind you like), and write on sayings with permanent marker.

5. Nuts

NutsSource: Kleinworth & Co.

Your Valentine will go nuts over this nutritious gift. Simply fill a jar with munchies and tie on a printed note using bakers twine.

6. Mini Party Blowers

Mini Party BlowersSource: A Joyful Riot

Turn February 14 into a celebration by handing out mini party blowers. Make them out of paper straws and tissue paper, then add a heart-shaped message.

7. Sticky Notes

Sticky NotesSource: Stick to My Lou

When it comes to ubiquitously appreciated gifts, office supplies always do the trick. Attach a cardstock wrapper to a pad of sticky notes to turn them into a noteworthy Valentine’s present.

8. Seed Packets

Seed PacketsSource: The Wonder Forest

The gift that keeps on giving, seeds will bloom over time, just like love. You can attach these DIY Valentines to Terra Cotta pots painted in any color you like.

9. Blowing Bubbles

Blowing BubblesSource: Kaley Ann

You’re never too old to get a kick out of blowing bubbles. Simply buy heart-shaped bubble wands (often sold by wedding supply retailers), and add a note.

10. Matchboxes

MatchboxesSource: Camille Styles

Light someone’s fire with a humorously decorated matchbox. You could gift these as is, or with a sweet-smelling candle.

11. Fabric Fortune Cookies

Fabric Fortune CookiesSource: Momdot

No baking necessary to make these pretty patterned cookies. You just need colorful paper, glue, and some simple folding techniques.

12. Lip Balms

Lip BalmsSource: Polkadot Chair

This Valentine’s gift is perfect for showing your love, and surviving the winter weather. Simply add a funny note to drugstore lip balms.

13. Socks

SocksSource: Made to Be a Momma

Who doesn’t appreciate toasty toes? Package up a pair of socks for just about anyone in your life for the perfect February present.

14. Honey Sticks

Honey SticksSource: Delia Creates

Give something that’s not candy, but that’s just as sweet. Honey sticks become adorable Valentine’s gifts with free printables.

15. Tea Bags

Tea BagsSource: Tara Dennis

Any tea becomes sweet tea with a heart tag. Just replace the original tag with one decorated using a rubber heart stamp. Gift it in a new mug, or just a gift bag.

16. Doughnuts

DoughnutsSource: Confetti Sunshine

Help loved ones get their Valentine’s Day off to a sweet start by turning a dozen doughnuts into a dozen little gifts. All you need, of course, is a printed note tag.

Just about any everyday item can be transformed into a Valentine with a sweet, funny, or heartfelt note. Most items are inexpensive to buy in bulk and won’t make a big dent in your bank account back. There are oodles of free printables to chose from, but you can also come up with your own puns and make notes and other gifts by hand. Best of all, you’ll be spreading the love and your creativity at the same time.


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