18 DIY Planners and Calendars for New Year’s Organizing


The first step to getting organized for the New Year is a planner or calendar that’s too cool not to use. Whether you want to map out the entire year, take it a month or week at a time, or just need a daily reminder of the date (still writing 2014?), there are some fabulous and unique DIY planners and calendars out there. Better still, these nifty organizers double as wall and desk decor and ensure that your year gets off to a beautifully organized and creative start.

1. Monthly Tile Calendar (exclusive to The Good Stuff!)

Monthly Tile Calendar

The materials for this practical and easy-to-make calendar will cost you about $5. All you need is one large tile (the one shown is a 12-inch square) to keep track of every month of the year ahead. Use a Sharpie to draw a grid, seven squares by five squares, with slots at the top of each row for days of the week. Each month, redecorate using dry erase markers to fill in the numbers, name of the month, and whatever colors or motifs you like. If you’d rather see the whole year at a glance, you could use twelve smaller tiles and mount them on the wall.

2. Kate Spade-Inspired Striped Planner

Kate Spade-Inspired Striped PlannerSource: Personally Andrea

Get a designer look at a fraction of the price. Create this Kate Spade-inspired planner by decorating a plain planner with duct tape and die cut letters.

3. Instagram Calendar

Instagram CalendarSource: Postalpix

Plan for the year ahead using last year’s memories. Each day is marked by a 4 x 4 photo print, numbered with a white or black paint pen. Mark the month and days using chipboard letters.

4. Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar

Chalkboard Tape Wall CalendarSource: I Spy DIY

It may be 2015, but chalkboard is still in style. Use chalkboard paint to create a modern wall calendar, then fill in the days using chalk, or mark with stickies.

5. Dotted Planner

Dotted PlannerSource: Homey Oh My

Jazz up a plane black planner with gold cut-out dots and numbers (of course you’ll have to change that 4 to a 5). Gold goes with everything, and black and white is always chic!

6. Linen Wall Calendar

Linen Wall CalendarSource: The Sweetest Occasion

Make an updated version of this elegant scroll-like hanging calendar. It’s made using linen, wooden rods, and iron-on transfer.

7. Clipboard Desk Calendar

Clipboard Desk CalendarSource: The DIY Diary

This lovely desk calendar makes for stylish desk decor. To replicate, make your own clipboard from scratch (you could also purchase one) and print out monthly calendars on cardstock.

8. Wood and Leather Hanging Calendar

Wood and Leather Hanging CalendarSource: Nalle’s House

Part calendar and part art, the plywood base of this calendar is hung from a leather strap. Attach the free printable monthly calendars using washi tape so you can easily switch them out.

9. Bulletin Board Paint Chip Calendar

Bulletin Board Paint Chip CalendarSource: Say Yes

Make a pretty and colorful calendar by cutting squares out of of paint chips and numbering them with Sharpie. Stock up on (free) samples at your local hardware store so you can create a different color theme each month.

10. Sticky Note Calendar

Sticky Note CalendarSource: Creating Laura

What better way to get organized than with the ever-useful Sticky Note? This bright and cheery wall calendar is simply stuck on the wall, with the month written on Washi tape.

11. Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard CalendarSource: Thistlewood Farms

Keep track of the year ahead with an upcycled masterpiece. Create a unique spinning calendar out of an old bicycle wheel and plywood triangles coated with chalkboard paint. It may take some time, but the weekly format can be reused for years to come.

12. Metallic Doodles Planner

Metallic Doodles PlannerSource: Blush and Jelly

Magic happens when metallic pens meet plane black notebooks. Some basic doodling will make your planner or To Do notebook a pretty accessory.

13. Leather Planner

Leather PlannerSource: The Art of Doing Stuff

Dress up a boring planner by giving it a leather coat. Use the covers as a pattern to cut out the leather, and punch holes for the spiral binding.

14. Cigar Box Calendar

Cigar Box CalendarSource: Relleo Mein

Save on wall (and desk) space with this compact little calendar in a box. Use postcards to delineate the months, and note cards to keep track of each day. If you don’t have a cigar box, you can use a produce carton.

15. Perpetual Block Calendar

Perpetual Block CalendarSource: Apartment Therapy

If all you need is a reminder of the date (and you want a super-cool desk accessory to play with), make this minimalist perpetual calendar out of wooden blocks and vinyl letters.

16. Pencil Cup Perpetual Calendar

Pencil Cup Perpetual CalendarSource: Design Sponge

With some strategic cutting and colorful paper you can create a perpetual calendar that will be a permanent and useful fixture on your desk.

17. Tree Stump Desk Calendar

Tree Stump Desk CalendarSource: Clean and Scentsible

Keep a bit of nature by your side throughout the year. All you need for this charming desk calendar is the free printable and a small tree stump.

18. Dry Eraser Board Weekly Calendar

Dry Eraser Board Weekly CalendarSource: Lana Red Studio

Use an old picture frame to create this weekly planner. You can write directly onto the glass, and easily erase it as your plans change.

Prettify your walls and desks with these creative DIY planners and calendars that are sure to keep you on track throughout 2015. Whether you have an entire afternoon or 10 minutes to spare, it’s easy and fun to get yourself organized this new year. Inexpensive (and free) materials will help you keep your budgeting resolution!