DIY Home Decor: Whimsical Bicycle Art

DIY Home Decor: Whimsical Bicycle Art | thegoodstuff

If the Tour de France is bringing out your inner cycling fanatic, you’ll love these clever ways of turning bike wheels into unexpected and creative home décor. Who knew these quintessential cycling accessories were so conducive to practical household fixtures — from hanging clothing to displaying photos. For any of these bicycle art and décor projects, you can use vintage or thrifted wheels, or buy new ones.

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1. Accessory hanger


This project is perfect for adding a fun pop of color to your mudroom or entryway. You’ll prettify an old or new wheel by wrapping it with colorful yarn, then use the spokes to hang clothing accessories such as scarves, ties, or even socks.


  • Bike wheel (tire removed)
  • Scraps (or balls) of yarn in colors of your choice
  • Hot glue gun and button (optional)


  • To start, cut a piece of yarn to your desired length (you’ll start to get a sense of how much yarn you need to wrap certain lengths after you’ve done it a few times). Tie a tight double knot on the outside of the wheel.
  • Wrap the yarn around the rim (working around spokes as necessary) until you get to the end of the yarn. Tie the remaining end tightly in a double knot. Begin the next piece of yarn in the same way, and continue wrapping until the entire wheel is covered.
  • If you like, glue a button or other decorative element to the hub.
  • The best hanging method will depend on your space; you could tie fishing line to the wheel and mount it on a nail or from the ceiling.

2. Wall clock


Source: Hometalk

You’ll never be late with this big statement clock on your wall. To make it, you’ll use the lid of a can to affix the clock hands and hide the battery. The wooden craft numbers are adhered directly to the wall.

3. Pots & pans hanger


Source: Instructables

A bike wheel is far less expensive than a store-bought rack, and it saves lots of space as well. You’ll mount the wheel to your ceiling, then hang pots and pans from S-hooks.

4. Wall mirror


Source: Re-Creations Project

The frame of this mirror is an old bike tire, but when painted white it looks so chic you might not even notice.

5. Mason jar chandelier


Source: Working Class Magazine

This rustically elegant chandelier would look beautiful indoors or out. To make, simply hang a collection of glass jars (they don’t need to match) using wire and place votive candles inside.

6. Stained glass spinner


Source: Flea Market Gardening

This stunning garden decoration is sure to upstage your flowers. It requires glass (which you can find online or at a local store), a soldering iron, a glass cutter, and some dedication, but it’s well worth the effort to add this magical bit of decor to your garden.

7. Photo display


Source: Montana Bride

No alterations are necessary to turn a wheel into an ideal photo display. Simply stick on photos with clothespins and hang the wheel from the ceiling.

8. Garden trellis


Source: Instructables

Repurpose bike wheels into a pretty and practical trellis by riveting them together and burying the rims a few inches in the ground.

9. Lazy Susan


Source: Apartment Therapy

A lazy Susan makes mealtimes easier, and this one is awesome table decor as well. All you need to do is turn a bike wheel on its side and add base to stabilize it at the hub.

10. Crib mobile


Source: Fresh Mommy Blog

A vintage bike wheel is the perfect base for a hanging mobile. To make your own like the one shown, cut out comics and glue them to cardboard cutouts (clouds or any shape you like), then hang them using wire and clothespins.

Whether you love to bike or just love the playful aesthetic of upcycled decor, these projects are a perfect way to incorporate wheels into your everyday surroundings. Most require only a few additional materials, so they’re an inexpensive and creative way to spruce up your home décor.