30 Darling DIY Projects That Have Real Heart


With February being American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate with these fun DIY heart projects. These heartfelt DIYs range from home decor to wardrobe accessories and kitchen upgrades. The best part is, you can enjoy them all year along, and they’ll have you feeling the love in no time.

1. Love Mug (exclusive to The Good Stuff)

Love Mug

Find instructions on how to make this exclusive to The Good Stuff DIY heart mug here!

2. Half Heart Gloves

Half Heart GlovesSource: Mache

Two halves make a with this adorable winter wardrobe upgrade. Just sew felt heart halves onto a pair of gloves, and put your hands together.

3. Modern Wooden Drink Stirrers

Modern Wooden Drink StirrersSource: Tell Love & Chocolate

Make whatever you’re sipping on look chic with these stirrers. All you need is wooden hearts, sticks, and some paint.

4. Colorful Hand Warmers

Colorful Hand WarmersSource: Haberdashery Fun

Hold a heart (or two) in your hands to keep them cozy. Stitch little heart-shaped pillows, using whatever fun fabric you like, and fill them with rice.

5. X and O Wall Decal

X and O Wall DecalSource: Oleander and Palm

Get big-hearted with this Xs and Os vinyl cutout display. Use painters tape to align the shapes, making a dramatic addition to your wall decor that is also easy to remove.

6. Potpourri Pillows

Potpourri PillowsSource: Pippa Quilts

Potpourri pillows are perfect for tucking into clothing drawers, or displaying on shelves. These feature bright solid colors with a touch of hand stitching, and are stuffed with lavender buds for a soothing scent.

7. Textured Earrings

Textured EarringsSource: One Artsy Mama

These minimalist and metallic-looking earrings are actually molded clay painted with liquid gilding. The stripes are made with a textured hammer.

8. Vinyl Tumblers

Vinyl TumblersSource: Sarah Hearts

These heart-adorned tumblers would make a lovely addition to any brunch. And they’re easy to make, clean, and redecorate with any vinyl motif you like.

9. Painted Clothespins

Painted ClothespinsSource: Maritza Lisa

Prettify plain clothespins with little painted hearts. Use them to decorate around the house, attach gift tags– or even to hanglaundry.

10. Sequin Marquee Heart

Sequin Marquee HeartSource: Sugar and Cloth

This dramatic addition to your home decor will put you in the party mood, no matter what you’re actually doing. This lighted sequin hanging is also battery operated so there are no cords.

11. Elbow Patch Sweater

Elbow Patch SweaterSource: The Surznick Common Room

Wearing your heart on your sleeve never looked so good. Simply stitch a felt heart onto the elbow of an old sweater or sweatshirt for an instant upgrade.

12. Painted Flats

Painted FlatsSource: Adventures in Fashion

Embrace the heart motif from head to toe. A plain (and  inexpensive) pair of flats gets glamorous with painted red hearts.

13. Storage Jars

Storage JarsSource: Crafting Fingers

Draw a cross stitch heart motif onto a storage jar with porcelain paint. You can draw freehand, or use a template taped to the inside, as a guideline.

14. Family Heart Pillow

Family Heart PillowSource: The Gathered Home

Heart motifs are cute, but an anatomically correct depiction is pretty cool. Try it on a tea-stained pillow embroidered with names of family members.

15. Ankle Cut-Out Skinny Jeans

Ankle Cut-Out Skinny JeansSource: Love Maegan

This is a fresh and unexpected way to jazz up an outfit. Show a little bit of non-scandalous skin and upgrade your skinny jeans by cutting out a heart-shaped space at the ankles.

16. Glitter Heart Keychain

Glitter Heart KeychainSource: Flax and Twine

Keep track of your keys with an adorable accessory that combines nature with some shimmer. To make, adhere glitter paper hearts to small birch disks.

17. Black and White Wooden Heart

Black and White HangingSource: The Confetti Room

It couldn’t be easier to make this simple decor, perfect for any wall that’s in need of a little love. Just paint a wooden heart with black and white acrylic paint.

18. Wrapped Heart Box

Wrapped Heart BoxSource: Evimbenimatolyem

This lovely little box is perfect for stashing a surprise gift. All you need is stiff felt and a template.

19. Paper Lantern

Paper LanternSource: The Style House

A simple white lantern gets a heartfelt makeover with Mod Podge and tissue paper. Perfect for party decor, or just so spruce up your living room.

20. Tea Bags

Tea BagsSource: Unusually Lovely

Sip something that’s good for your heart– in more ways than one. Cut and stitch coffee filters to make heart-shaped tea bags. These are also a great gift for your tea-loving friend.

21. String Headband

String HeadbandSource: Creative Bug

Whatever the weather, pretty accessories are a wardrobe must. Make delicate heart headware with felt, embroidery floss, needle, and scissors.

22. Heart Cutting Board

Heart Cutting BoardSource: Hello Natural

If you’re handy with a jigsaw, you can make this heart-shaped kitchen staple. FInish it off with a few coats of butcher block conditioner.

23. Happy Hanger

Happy HangerSource: A Charming Project

Your closet deserves some love. Make your own heart stencils with painters tape and a heart-shaped hole punch, and use it to paint little hearts on a wooden hanger.

24. Bottle Necklace

Bottle NecklaceSource: Live It Love It Make It

Bottle up your heart and give it to someone special. To make this charming necklaces, you have to get dextrous with a mini glass bottle, wire, and confetti hearts.

25. Ombre Tote

Ombre ToteSource: My So Called Crafty Life

Paint a pretty ombre heart design onto a bag, throwing in a solo stand-out color, as done here with pink. The bag itself is made from linen and leather.

26. Stacked Ombre Candles

Stacked Ombre CandlesSource: Hands Occupied

Don’t be intimidated- this is a great beginners candle making project. Just wax, melt, and stamp out hearts repeatedly, adding plain white wax to remnants so it gets continually lighter. Stack them, insert a wick, and you’re done.

27. Bookmark Paperclip

Bookmark PaperclipSource: Rock N Road

This 30-second DIY requires your fingertips and a paperclip. Just refold it into a heart shape, and you’re done! This would make paperwork a lot more fun, but it’s also an adorable bookmark.

28. Cake Toppers

Cake ToppersSource: Sarah Hearts

Top your dessert with a little bit of love. Cut out the hearts from adhesive wood sheets, then give them a modern color-blocked coat of paint.

29. Crayon Hearts

Crayon HeartsSource: Appetizer for a Crafty Mind

Melt broken bits of crayon in a silicon ice cube tray. The results are beautiful tie-dye hearts that are super fun to color with.

30. Leather Heart Pouch

Leather Heart PouchSource: The House that Lars Built

These lovely little pouches are perfect for stashing spare change. Weave together two pieces of leather, and adhere using velcro.

Show your ticker some love this month, and celebrate it with cute, sassy, and classy DIY heart projects. Whether you have a bare wall, a blah wardrobe, or just a hankering to get crafty, there’s an abundance of lovely projects to chose from. They’re also perfect to use as gifts for Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year.


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