DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

Dressing up on Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for your wallet.

If you want to say, “Boo” without breaking the bank, steer clear of the costume aisle and try some of these DIY options instead. They’re cheap, easy and have the potential to win a costume party award for “Most Clever.”

Or not.

Either way, have fun with these creative costume ideas.

Dancing with the Stars: Cover a tutu and leotard with glow-in-the-dark star-shaped stickers.

Breaking News: Staple torn newspapers to old clothing.

Sick and Tired: Put a bicycle tire around your neck and a thermometer in your mouth.

Stick in the Mud: Wear an all-brown outfit and sew a large twig onto your chest.

Smartie Pants: Glue rolls of Smarties candies onto a pair of old pants.

Iron Chef: Wear a chef’s hat and carry an iron.

Quarter Pounder: Carry a quarter in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Tickled Pink: Don a head-to-toe pink ensemble with a pink feather boa.

Chick Magnet: Attach Barbie dolls all over yourself.

Dr. Pepper: Get a white lab coat or some surgical scrubs and pin chili peppers all over yourself.

Deviled Egg: Wear all white. Paint or attach a yellow circle to your stomach. Wear devil horns and carry a pitchfork.

Martha Stewart: Wear a flannel shirt in pastel colors over a t-shirt, with loose khaki pants and comfortable flat shoes. Stuff gardening gloves in your pocket and wear an apron. Carry a fancy lined basket with fresh muffins and cookies inside.