7 DIY Flower Arrangements to Make Your Spring Flowers Pop

Nothing says spring like a bouquet of fresh flowers. But if you think a vase is the only way to display them, read on!

These creative DIY flower arrangements are whimsical, colorful, and fun — and they’ll ensure your bouquets take center stage in your home decor. For more fun ways to celebrate spring, check out these DIY activities.

1. Rain Boot Bouquet

How to Arrange Flowers | thegoodstuff

Displaying flowers in rain boots is an easy way to take a bouquet from average to adorable.

Kids or toddler boots work well (or a single adult boot), and come in an endless array of colors and patterns. My bouquet is displayed in a pair of toddler size 7 rain boots I found on eBay for $5.

Since rain boots by definition don’t allow water to penetrate, all you have to do is fill the boots with water (and fresh flower food, if you’re using it) and add your flowers.

Where to Order Your Fresh Flowers

I ordered these flowers from The Bouqs, which sells farm-fresh flowers online. If you’re looking for Easter flowers, this is the place to go. Their bright and beautiful Easter collection is $10 off through April 15 with code BOUQSBUNNY!

While I opted for a simple collection of 14 yellow tulips since my rain boots were so colorful to begin with, this site offers a lovely array of flower types and arrangements. You can select the delivery date (as early as next or two-day depending on what time of day you order them) and they come securely packaged in a cardboard box with fresh flower food.

The Bouqs also sends several email updates throughout the ordering process so you’ll know the instant your flowers arrive.

2. Umbrella Wreath

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Source: This Grandma is Fun

This clever display takes advantage of floral water tubes to take flowers off the tabletop and onto the door, all while wrapped in a beautiful umbrella display. It’s a perfectly whimsical doorway decoration for spring!

Floral Water Tubes — 3-Inch 100 Pack, $11.99 on Amazon

3. Teapot Floral Arrangement

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Source: Pinterest

It’s oh-so-close to a vase, but the spout on this teapot gives the display an unexpected touch of whimsy. Look for vintage teapots, which come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Pitchers also work well.

4. Rainbow Water Display

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Source: Papery and Cakery

For an unexpected role reversal, keep your flowers neutral and let the water be the most colorful part of your display. All you’ll need are clear bud vases and food coloring. You could also try creating an ombre effect with a single water hue and contrasting colorful flower.

5. Rustic Paper Bag Vase

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Source: Pretty Prudent

Brown bag your flowers for a rustic but chic display. Simply place the bouquet in a water-filled mason jar, then wrap it with a brown paper bag and twine.

6. Candy Vase

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Source: Social Couture

To add a touch of sweetness to your arrangement, fill a clear vase with colorful candies that coordinate with your flowers. Everything from M&Ms and Skittles to Jelly Beans will work. You’ll need two vases, a larger one for the candy and a smaller one that fits inside for the flowers and water. For a reusable filler, try using colorful marbles instead.

7. Fruity Vase

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Source: Country Living

For a “healthier” version of the above, fill the space between two vases with sliced fruit. Lemons work well, but limes or blood oranges would also be beautiful.

What are your go-to creative flower arrangements? Let me know in the comments!

DIY Flower Arrangements | thegoodstuff