A Hippity, Hoppity DIY Easter Basket

A Hippity, Hoppity DIY Easter Basket | thegoodstuff

Peter Cottontail’s next visit is right around the corner! For this year’s Easter egg hunt, add a touch of the handmade that’s fun, functional, and super-easy.

These quick T-shirt baggies are perfect for collecting eggs and even gifting Easter goodies, and the base can be made in a matter of minutes. From there, you can get creative with your own decorations! For another handmade Easter idea, check out these woven baskets.

DIY Easter Basket

A Hippity, Hoppity DIY Easter Basket | thegoodstuff


For the bag

  • Old (or new) T-shirt
  • Scissors

For the decorations


For the bag

  1. Cut the sleeves and neck off of your T-shirt. For the neckline, the width you cut off will determine the opening of your bag so start small and adjust as needed.
  2. Turn the shirt inside out. Cut 1-inch wide strips along the bottom edge. I just eyeballed it and cut the strips about 6 inches long, but you could measure first if you want to. The length of your strips will determine the depth of your bag (longer strips make for a shallower bag).
  3. Tie the corresponding fringe pieces into snug double knots. When done, you can trim off excess fringe fabric or leave as is.
  4. Turn the bag right-side out. Now you have the base of your bag!
  5. You can tie scraps of fabric or T-shirt to the tops of the handles to make them tighter on top but you can also leave them as is. I tied the ones shown with T-shirt scraps.

For the applique

  1. Pick the design you’d like on your bag. I chose Easter eggs, but you could do a bunny, abstract shapes, or spell out a name — the sky’s the limit! On the paper side of your interfacing, draw the outline of your design. You can use a template or eyeball it.
  2. Cut out the interfacing around the outline, leaving some excess.
  3. Following the interfacing direction, iron it to a piece of fabric (with the non-paper side of the interfacing facing the back side of the fabric scrap). My interfacing took only 2 seconds of ironing to stick.
  4. Cut out along the outline through both the interfacing and fabric.
  5. Repeat the above steps until you have all of the interfacing/fabric shapes cut out.
  6. Arrange your designs on the bag in the way you’d like.
  7. Adhere the pieces to the bag by peeling off the paper backing, then ironing in place.

A Hippity, Hoppity DIY Easter Basket | thegoodstuff

Other decorating ideas

  1. Use fabric markers or paints to draw other Easter motifs (bunnies, chicks, etc.) and even write names.
  2. If your shirt is a thicker material, you can embroider on it.
  3. Embellish your shirt with gems, ribbons, ric rac, or any other small embellishment that can be glued to fabric.

Make this year’s egg hunt even more of an adventure with a customized DIY Easter basket. Not only are they a cinch to make, but inexpensive (especially if you use an old T-shirt) and easy to customize for every member of the family. And once the holiday is over, they can function as reusable shopping totes!