DIY Costumes for Kids

Halloween is less than two weeks away, but that’s still plenty of time to create some quick, easy and downright adorable Halloween outfits for your kiddos. Save some money when you skip the store-bought versions and make your own cutie patootie DIY costumes for kids.

Here are some ideas.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Watch out for poodles! Get out your child’s raincoat and galoshes and a few of her stuffed furry friends for a clever costume. All you need is an old umbrella and a hot glue gun to attach the toys (think Beanie Baby size). Or you can cut cat and dog shapes out of felt and glue them to the umbrella as well. For an added touch, let him/her carry a spray bottle of “rain.”

Static Electricity

Dress your child in black from head to toe. Then from the inside, use safety pins to attach random socks, a few pairs of underwear, and some pieces of small clothing (like baby T-shirts or tiny tank tops) to his/her clothes. You could also attach with a hot-glue gun if you don’t mind ruining the outfit. With hair gel, spike hair to look static-y. Use a small laundry basket as a treat bucket.

Pig in a Blanket. Cut pig ears out of pink craft foam and hot glue them to a pink headband. Make or buy a pig snout from a costume store, and dress your little piglet all in pink. Wrap a blanket over shoulders and pin with a large safety pin.

Artist. Dress your child in a dark pants, an oversized white shirt and a beret. Cut a large piece of cardboard into the shape of an artist’s palette. Put five circles of different color paint on the palette, and glue on an old paintbrush. Have your child carry the palette, and if your child is a boy, sketch a mustache on his face. You can add a colorful touch by adding splatters of paint to the palette and white shirt.

Bunch of grapes. Dress your child in a long-sleeved purple, green or black shirt with same color tights. Blow up several purple balloons, making them various sizes. Carefully pin the balloons with safety pins to your child’s clothing, with fewer “grapes” at the top and more (and larger) at his/her middle section to mimic the shape of a real bunch of grapes. You can top off the costume with a purple or green knit cap.

Basket of laundry. Buy the smallest, lightest laundry basket you can find. Cut a circle out of the bottom, just big enough for your child’s body to fit through. Cut two pieces of clothes line and tie onto the laundry basket to act as suspenders. Position the basket so that it’s easy to walk but also allows for arm movement. Put clothes in the basket, and hang them on the sides of the basket using clothespins. For an added touch, use an empty detergent box as a candy collector.

Do you have any great costume ideas you’d like to share?