Keep It Tidy and Cute with This DIY Checkered Yarn Bin


Add pops of color to a plain wire basket and you have a DIY checkered yarn bin that doubles as both storage and beautiful decor. This is a great project for knitters and crocheters with yarn scraps to spare, and the resulting basket is ideal for holding fabric, yarn, or even toys. And if you want more awesome ideas, then check out our post on DIY storage bins!


  • Wire basket (this one cost $8 at Marshalls)
  • Yarn in colors of your choosing (you could as many colors as you like, or even just one)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Yarn Bin steps


  1. Cut a piece of yarn to about 24” long. Tie a knot in the lower right corner of one of the wire squares, leaving one long end and another that’s about 5”.
  2. Begin wrapping the yarn around the wire square from bottom to top. Be sure to catch the 5” loose end in the wrapping so that it will be contained within the final yarn square.
  3. When you’ve finished wrapping nice and snug, tie the two loose ends into a tight double knot. Thread the yarn ends and pull them back through the woven squares, pulling them out about midway through.
  4. Trim off the yarn ends as closely as possible, then gently work them back into the woven square so they’re not as visible.
  5. Repeat the process on every other wire square until the basket is complete.