DIY Apothecary Bathroom Decor

One of the trendiest styles today is the old-fashioned apothecary. From bars in big cities to high-end home retailers to soap stores across the world, people are decorating their spaces like old-fashioned pharmacies and medicine stores.

Want to bring your own DIY apothecary touch into your home? Consider decorating your bathroom in an old-fashioned apothecary style. Here are four ideas on how to pull it off.

Medicine Shelf
Most homes have medicine cabinets or drawers for storage, but if you want your bathroom to resemble an old apothecary, consider keeping your medicines in small glass jars on the counter.

These beautiful monogrammed jars are from Pottery Barn. apoca bath

You can find comparable glass jars a bit less expensive at Target. A set of 12 jars, originally meant for spices, sell for about $20. Kmart sells an adorable vintage looking apothecary tumbler for just $9.99, on sale now for just $7.19. They also carry inexpensive, larger versions of clear glass apothecary jars. Etsy has dozens of beautiful choices also.
chalkboard label

Be sure to label the bottles using stickers or sharpies to keep track of which medicine is which. Chalkboard paint stickers are a favorite choice and different styles are available at Etsy or you can try making them yourself. We love the tutorial over at Hoosierhomemade, which can be used on any style or size labels.

Metal Bowls with Products
Apothecaries displayed their products in big quantities for everyone’s taking. If you want to offer apothecary-style bath products, invest in large metal bowls and fill them with bath products. You can find affordable metal bowls at; a set of four stainless-steel bowls sells for as little as $19.99.

If enamelware is more your style, try these beautiful white bowls from Amazon. :
white bolws
Consider filling them with goods that you and guests will want to use, like Q-tips, cotton balls, washcloths, hand towels, or small samples of lotions. Also, you can fill them with mints for a nice refresher when someone visits your bathroom.

Tools on Display
Apothecaries put their goods on display, so why not show yours instead of stowing them away in a cabinet or closet? Attach a strip of galvanized metal to the wall in your bathroom (you can find this at your local hardware store). Then, attach adhesive-backed magnets to your hair products and other toiletry goods and hang them from the metal strip. Choose products that are in the same style and color palette; the display will look even cooler on the wall.

Jars as Decor
Even if you don’t put anything in them, jars are the sign of a true apothecary. To give your bathroom an authentic apothecary look, use jars as a central part of your decor. You don’t have to use jars made specifically for the bathroom. Search vintage stores and tag sales for old flour or kitchen containers, or look for pitchers, decorative cups or old mason jars. You can use these for storage of small goods, or fill them with potpourri to add to the fresh scent of the bathroom.

You can buy 12 smaller mason jars at stores like Kmart and Target for about $8, larger sizes for about $1 apiece. Pinterest has dozens of inspiring ways to use them. A favorite is from Handmade by Hillary, who uses paint and even glitter for beautiful results. Aren’t these amazing?
handmade again