Awkward Moments We’ve All Had at the Gym



The gym is a generally positive place. It contains good vibes and endorphins. Working up a sweat burns calories and strengthens your heart — particularly appropriate right now, at the tail end of American Heart Month.

That said, us ladies still face a host of qualms and gym dilemmas before we even forge ahead toward the ellipticals. Here’s what we all go through when we workout at the gym. Raise your hand if you’ve been there!

Dilemma #1: Spandex

Maybe it’s that time of month, or maybe you had a sushi last night and overdid it a bit on the soy sauce. Either way, sometimes Spandex — your most comfortable and sweat-resistant apparel option — ain’t getting the job done. Guess it’s a sweatpants, semi-comfortable (but sweatier) cheat day!

Dilemma #2: Temperature Fluctuations

“You’re hot n’ you’re cold…” No, not the Katy Perry song! You’re actually hot and cold in that gym. All. The. Time. Polar Vortex deep-freeze weather outside means you’re dressing like an Eskimo and shivering when you start… and like an extreme version of extended hot flashes, you’re continuously peeling off layers of clothing as you work your way from treadmill to weights. #Exhausting.

Dilemma #3: Workout Time

You’re fine once you get to the gym, yoga studio or spin class — but before that moment, it’s like you’re always dragging. When your alarm rings in the morning, all you want to do is crawl back under the pillowy layer of comfort you just peeled off. You could go later in the day, after work… but realistically, will you have more energy then? (Pipe dream.)

Dilemma #4: Makeup

To makeup or not to makeup? That is the age-old question. You love wearing makeup during regular daytime hours, when you can really rock it. It is, however, less awesome when you’re working up a sweat and it has a tendency to slide off your face. That said, some days you wake up for your workout and have a monster pimple, serious dark circles or the coloring of a ghost and need a little TLC.

Dilemma #5: Machine Sharing

Someone is always on the workout machine you want to use next to showoff your treadmill prowess, so you choose another thinking you can come back to it shortly — but while you’re on the new one, someone else hops in front of you. Hey, didn’t they know that you were saving that machine mentally!

Dilemma #6: Social Interaction

Social interaction is just one of the many awkward gym dilemmas. You always seem to see someone you know or a cute guy while you happen to be drenched in sweat and looking less than stellar. Or worse, you have to make conversation with a chatty Kathy while you’re trying to reach your target best on the bike machine. Hey, would love to catch up, but kind of dying here!

Dilemma #7: Gym Bag

“Stuff people” will understand this one: where do you keep it all? While you can totally rent a locker, it’s also so out of reach. You might get chilly after doing cardio and moving to weights and need a hoodie, some chapstick or want to keep your water safe and sound. Inevitably, you will need to monitor your items, and haul it all around the entire gym, as most fitness clothing for women aren’t equipped with pockets. Can we say — time suck!

Dilemma #8: Liquids

What do you drink at the gym? Good ol’ H20 is your standby, but there are all these fancy sports drinks nowadays, so you’re not entirely sure what you should be drinking before a workout. Protein shakes? Electrolytes? On top of that, if you drink too much fluid, you’re in constant need of mini-bathroom breaks, which is particularly fun if you’re in the middle of spin class!

Dilemma #9: No Phone

You’re getting out of your car and fishing through your purse, and you realize you’ve forgotten your phone. A true gym-goer knows that a phone is just as essential as workout gear. You need it for a playlist when you’re doing weights, and to watch videos to tackle your run. Or what if you have your phone but can’t get a signal?! Can anyone truly have a good workout without the added benefits of a phone? We think not.

Dilemma #10: Mirrors

Gyms and studios with mirrors create a weird mental debacle. Where do you look? Staring at yourself can feel a little strange; staring at other people is definitely awkward; and seeing someone else staring at you is the worst. Where do you point your eyes? Do you just call it a day and workout with your eyes closed? That’s not weird, right?

Bottom line? Gym time is a great, wonderful — yet sometimes strange — experience. Take these gym dilemmas with all their glory, ladies, and dance workout like no one’s watching!

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