13 Gifts That Will Make Every Year a Diamond Anniversary


13 Gifts That Will Make Every Year a Diamond Anniversary Gifts | thegoodstuff

Waiting until your tenth anniversary to dish out diamonds? Drop the old-fashioned gift guide and go with your intuition.

In the early twentieth century it was tradition to give her a shiny yellow diamond on your 60th anniversary. Though modern customs have made that wait a little less excruciating, it still seems like a bit much to wait ten years to give a classic piece of diamond jewelry.

We’ve got some good news: you don’t have to wait. Diamond jewelry is so versatile, modern, and yes — affordable — that it’s not necessary to wait a decade to indulge in something so beautiful and timeless.

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1. Diamond Infinity Necklace — 1/10 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver, $199.99 sale price


Sure, you could get her a desk set for your seventh anniversary, but something as practical (and — let’s be honest — boring) as a desk set or new wool sweater is not going hold the same amount of meaning.

A symbol of connection and love, this diamond infinity necklace is ideal for any anniversary. Placed on a sterling silver chain, it is contemporary, iconic, and full of meaning.

2. Diamond Key Necklace — 1/15 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver, $129.99 sale price


This diamond necklace isn’t just the key to her heart, it’s the key to a memorable anniversary. Sterling silver with round diamonds, this gift is modern enough to go with all of her casual outfits but classic enough to pair well with any formal attire.

3. Diamond Bracelet — 1 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver, $729 sale price


Rest assured, this diamond bracelet will start to make a regular appearance on her arm. A subtle and feminine interpretation of a classic line bracelet, the contrast of sterling silver and bright diamonds is sure to make this her new favorite piece of jewelry.

4. Diamonds in Rhythm Heart Necklace — 10K Rose Gold, $159.99 sale price


A true reminder of the delicate nature of love, this necklace is a thoughtful alternative to more practical anniversary gifts. This heart pendant with 18-inch box chain from the Diamonds in Rhythm collection features a diamond surrounded by a 10K rose gold heart. Perfect for the girl who sees meaning in everything (okay, okay, so she’s sentimental), this necklace is sure to become a conversation piece.

5. Diamond Bracelet — Round-cut Sterling Silver, $99 sale price


Show her you appreciate her with this romantic open heart bracelet featuring subtle accent diamonds, sterling silver, and a secure lobster clasp. Perfect for a night on the town, dinner date, or everyday wear, this anniversary gift is capable of adding charm to any outfit.

6. Diamond Heart Earrings — 1/10 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver, $199.99 sale price


Whether it’s your fourth, fifth, or sixth anniversary, heart shaped diamond jewelry never misses the mark. These earrings with round diamonds and sterling silver scrollwork details will look fantastic with her little black dress and her Sunday slacks.

7. Infinity Bracelet — 1/10 ct tw Diamonds Sterling Silver/10K Gold, $149 sale price


Another infinity symbol, but for good reason — 10K rose gold with an outline of diamonds, this infinity symbol is enclosed by a second in sterling silver. Half bangle and half cable chain, this bracelet will look great in the box but even better on her wrist.

8. Diamonds in Rhythm — 1/6 ct tw Diamonds 10K Yellow Gold Earrings, $399.99 sale price


Another piece from the Diamonds in Rhythm collection, these 10K yellow gold drop earrings feature a diamond centerpiece. More diamonds shimmer from the top, making this a perfect gift for a woman who is both elegant and contemporary.

9. Diamond Bracelet — 1 ct tw Round-cut 10K Yellow Gold, $1,699.99 sale price


The pièce de résistance of any outfit, this bracelet features 10K yellow gold between clusters of diamonds. Perfect for the girl with understated sophistication, this gift will outshine (literally) the most esteemed anniversary present with its pure elegance.

10. Men’s Diamond Bracelet — 1/10 ct tw Round-cut Stainless Steel, $269


Sure, you could get him a traditional leather belt or a brand new appliance for your anniversary, but if your guy likes a little bling, diamond bracelets are the way to go.

11. Men’s Bracelet — 1/8 ct tw Diamonds Stainless Steel, $195.30


A little more subtle, this stainless steel men’s bracelet is chic enough to go well with his suit but sporty enough to accompany him jogging.

12. Citizen Men’s Watch — Diamond Dial AU1054-54G, $350


This one is a knock-out. The Diamond Dial Citizen Men’s Watch is the ultimate anniversary present for the guy who has everything (especially if you’re looking for something romantic but practical).

13. Diamond “Dad” Ring — 1/15 ct tw Round-cut 10K White Gold, $399.20


Dad deserves a special keepsake on your anniversary. And if it’s your first anniversary as parents this gift will really speak volumes.


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