5 Items for Decorating With Ease This Holiday Season

decorating with ease

We are all in the midst of it now. Holiday trees are going up, bright lights are adorning the roofs and the lawn is joining the festivities with inflatables and more. I, for one, get irritated when I have to stop the decorating fun to run to the store for that one thing I need to finish the task! So every year, before the decorating begins, I take a moment to look through my things to remind me of what I have and what I need to make my holiday decor amazing! I also make a list of things I might need during the process. So here are five easy items for decorating with ease this holiday season.

1. Removable Hooks

removable hooks
It never fails. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and then you realize you forgot your beloved fluffy family member. You dig around but can’t find a way to hang Fido’s stocking. Removable hooks are a safety net that I have had to rely on more than once! They are so versatile and can be used for everything from stockings to wreaths. I use them to hang my stockings since I don’t have a mantel. I don’t have to worry about damaging the walls either.

2. Green or Red Duct Tape

Green or Red Duct Tape
I have a company come and hang my outdoor lights because I simply don’t know how to. Plus, as a single mom, falling off the roof could put a serious strain on my family so I don’t attempt it. But I do hang garland and lights along the back patio and indoors. For that I need the above mentioned hooks and duct tape that can blend in with the foliage. I use it to wrap lights that have come loose around garland and even to attach decorations to wreaths and more. Duct tape is the ultimate quick-fix-it tool for decorating with ease that we all need in our holiday decorating toolbox.

3. A Splitter

A Splitter
A splitter is an electrical outlet attachment that allows you to ‘split’ your cords in more than one direction. These come in handy during the holiday season with all your lights and tree decorations. For instance, I have five inflatables and six strands of lights all plugged into one outlet. I have two splitters that allow this craziness without worry of blowing a fuse. But be careful. This is electricity and you don’t want to overload your outlets and cause an issue. So I had my electrician tell me how much it could hold before I went plug happy! In any event, splitters can save you when you are outlet deprived.

4. Timers, Timers, Timers!

There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning and finding out that you left your lights on all night. Since I don’t actually own shares in the electric company, I want my decorations to shine during prime time but go off when I’m asleep. Since I have a habit of falling asleep in my room and forgetting all about the decor, I rely heavily on timers. I like the ones that you can program for two, four or six hours and more. You just plug your splitters into it and then set the time when you turn the lights off. I use these for my indoor and outdoor lights. It saves me from a massive bill and lighting up the night sky when everyone else is asleep.

5. Ornament Hooks

Ornament Hooks
I raise my hand and fully admit that I have placed an ornament on a tree branch that lost its hook hoping it would stay. I also can admit that it almost never does. With three kids and two dogs, I am pretty lucky that the tree stays standing at all! So having a stockpile of ornament hooks can keep me from having to grab the broom and dustpan to clean up the latest casualty. I generally only have to purchase these every few years. But, like socks, they seem to disappear and having them to use instantly is always a plus for decorating with ease.

The decorations we display every year are beautiful and fun, so why not make them look effortless and elegant. By having the very basic tools on-hand, you can be on your way to decorating with ease.