7 Perfectly Romantic Date Night Hairstyles

7 Perfectly Romantic Date Night Hairstyles | thegoodstuff

Source: TwistMePretty.com

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The special date night is finally approaching. You have your outfit picked out and your makeup lined up, but what on earth will you do with your hair? Many factors can cause a bad hair day — hair type, humidity, stress from wanting to impress your date… Don’t let anything stop you from having chic hair that is as stunning as your personality. Check out these easy styles that will leave have your partner asking for another date!

1. Original Style: Romantic Fishtail Braid


With a long fishtail braid running down the middle, this hairstyle is great for those with lots of long hair and thick bsngs. Rather than braiding all of the hair into one thick braid, it is important to start by separating the first layer of hair from the rest and braiding only that layer. Begin crafting a fishtail braid by grasping two sections of the first layer of hair. Slowly blend the two together as you integrate small strands of outer hair. Take a strand of hair from the right and cross it over to the left. Repeat this action as you alternative between left hair strands and right hair strands. Be sure not to let go of the original two sections, as this is what you are braiding together. After completing the fishtail braid, use a NuMe straightener to soften and tidy the hair around the braid and add jeweled pins or additional accents to match your outfit.


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2. Original Style: Sleek and Simple Updo


For those who wish to turn high maintenance curls into a super simple style, start by using NuMe hair straightener for allover sleekness. Then brush the straightened hair into a side part. Separate two pieces of the top layer of hair and cross them over each other while securing with bobby pins, creating a beautiful bow shape. Add a cute accent clip and you are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

3. Twisted Crown Braid


Source: TwistMePretty.com

Perfect for taming beachy waves with a charming twist, this attractive loose-braided hairstyle rests elegantly on top of the head to add a touch of princess radiance. Braid two sections of hair and then twist around each other to create this crown-like effect. Wear this style with faded jeans for a fun daytime date.

4.  Date-Ready Twisted Bun

Source: LuLus.com

While it’s a traditional date night updo, the bun often falls short by easily falling out – not fun for a night on the town. By sectioning off hair with twists, knots, and bobby pins, this enchanting bun hairstyle stays secure. This look is perfect for sweeping back straight hair in a clean and classic fashion. Pair with a floral dress for a candlelit dinner.

5. Romantic Side Bun


Source: The Freckled Fox

Add a touch of vintage glam to your date night outfit with this fabulous style. Simply create a bun toward one side of your head and then secure an array of twists and braids toward the bun for a style they’ll never forget. Pair the hair with a sultry red lipstick and eye-catching earrings for a peek of mesmerizing mystery.

6. Time-Saving Updo

top half

Source: Hair & Makeup By Steph

Deceptively easy, this style pairs a simple bun with perfectly curled hair on top. After curling, this hairstyle takes only a few steps to achieve. The ponytail-bun is ideal for casual, outdoor dates because of its windswept glam. Plus, those with layered hair can create additional volume for this style.

7. Hidden Headband Updo


Source: YetAnotherBeautySite

Running low on time? This quick yet fashionable updo works great with any hair length and only requires a headband. Choose a headband that matches with your dress, then smoothly roll up your hair while tucking it into the band gently. In only a couple minutes, you can rock a graceful style that is sure to impress.

Picking out a perfect date night hairstyle doesn’t have to be a hassle. You don’t have to be a beauty guru to use professional-level styling tools and create stunning styles from breathtaking buns to flowing braids. Get inspired and find confidence in your date night style in a matter of minutes.

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