Upgrade Your School Lunch with Cucumber Turkey Roll-Ups!

Upgrade Your School Lunch with Cucumber Turkey Roll-Ups! | thegoodstuff

I remember when I was still in grade school, my mom used to pack lunches for my dad and me. Every Sunday night she’d pull out her stash of plastic bags, bread, sandwich meat, and cheese, and whip up a bunch of sandwiches for the week.

“Mooooom!” I’d cry and stamp my feet. “I don’t want sandwiches anymore!” (Of course, now I’m so grateful for my mom and truly wish she was still making my lunches. Love you, Mom!)

The thing is, I bet I wasn’t the only child who got so tired of plain old sandwiches they threw a fit. I bet lots of moms are starting to hear this same pitiful cry as school starts and lunches get packed, but what’s a mom to do?

Easy. Change things up with healthy, happy Cucumber Turkey Roll-Ups! Ditch that lame bread and roll your sandwich fillings in cucumber instead. This recipe is made with hummus and turkey, but you could try experimenting with ranch, cheese, avocado, and more fun fillings.

Sounds yummy, right? So let’s get rollin’ and make some of these fantastic roll-ups!

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Cucumber Turkey Roll-Ups Recipe


• 1 cucumber, peeled into thin strips
• 5 thin slices turkey
• Hummus
• Toothpicks for holding your roll-ups together

Stuff those roll-ups with turkey or your child’s favorite lunch meat and save 75 cents on 2 packages of any Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh lunch meat!

Upgrade Your School Lunch with Cucumber Turkey Roll-Ups! | thegoodstuff


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