Crowd-Pleasing Super Bowl Cocktail


by Gidget + LaRue

Your 2014 Super Bowl party deserves a great cocktail that doesn’t anchor you to your bar mixing drinks.

So if you have a crowd watching the game at your house, how do you serve an amazing drink and still be able to enjoy the party? Answer: THE HURRICANE.

By adding this recipe to your pre-game routine, you can make the entire batch before your guests arrive. Better yet, set up a cocktail station so your guests can serve themselves. It’s as easy as, “Stir It. Ice It. Pour It.” with this self-serve cocktail station.

Follow these simple steps to get your Hurricane station ready for kick-off.


  • Create your Hurricane “how-to” card. You can hand write this on a small chalkboard or print it from your computer and place it in a small stand-up frame. All you need is “SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Stir It, Ice It, Pour It, Enjoy It”.
  • Fill large ice bucket and include an ice scoop. Make sure you have enough ice and encourage guests to fill their glass to the top with ice.
  • Line up drink glasses. Line up your glassware (we like mason jars – a casual touch for a football game) so guests can grab and go.
  • Create garnishes. Cut oranges in half then cut slices about 1/8” thick. Place in small decorative bowl at the end of your Hurricane station so guests can garnish drinks.



Tools: Mixing pitcher, bar spoon or wooden spoon for stirring

Glasses: Mason jars (or Old Fashioned)

Extras: Orange wedge for garnish

Servings: ~20 cocktails (we calculated a few drinks each for a crowd of 10)


2 ½ cups Dark Rum (or Dark Spiced Rum)
2 ½ cups Light Rum
1/2 cup oz. Galliano*
5 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
5 cups unsweetened pineapple juice
½ can of “Hawaii’s Own” Paradise Punch frozen juice concentrate*
¾ cups lime juice
2 Tbsp of Bitters – Fee Brothers or Angostura is great

*Here’s your Gidget + LaRue “make it easy” tip – If you don’t have Galliano in your bar, no worries. We subbed out a small amount (1 ½ Tbsp) of Anise extract and it worked great – but use it sparingly!  Also, the “Hawaii’s Own” juice is great, but if you can’t find it in the frozen juice section, use Passion Fruit Nectar instead: 1 cup.


Fill pitcher with ice.
Add all liquid ingredients.
Stir to combine.
Chill until ready to serve.

With a little effort before the game, this self-serve Hurricane station will turn your guests into instant mixologists while you’re able to site back and enjoy the game.

About Gidget + LaRue ( These two long-time best friends, Trilby Parker and Karen Mascheroni, are dedicated to bringing back the classics, all while balancing the busy lives of their families. Their specialty is vintage cocktails + hors d’oevres and they’re driven to provide simple and easy recipes for your entertaining pleasure.