17 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

creative uses for mason jars

Mason jars make everything look cuter.  Stick a cute straw in them and the lemonade tastes a little sweeter. They are taking over shelves in our craft stores. Here are 17 creative ways to use mason jars throughout your home.

1. Kitchen Organizer

kitchen mason jars

Gather various sizes of mason jars. Fill with sugar, flour, dried pasta and grains. Label them. Chalkboard labels make it easy to update.

2. Silverware Caddy

silverware mason jars

Show off your heirloom silverware in mason jars nestled on a tray. They also make plastic ware a bit fancier when placed in mason jars on a buffet.

3. Citronella Candle Holder

Here is a thrifty and prettier alternative to keep the bugs away. Turn your mason jars into Citronella Candle Oil lamps to use on summer nights.

4. Wall Planter

Take a piece of reclaimed wood and attach blue mason jars to create a wall planter for your backyard. Fill with pretty flowers or herbs from your local nursery.

5. Table Numbers Terrarium

table number terrarium

Print out table numbers on parchment paper and glue to a stick. Create mini terrariums in the jars for a centerpiece for your next event.

6. Creative Flower Vase

mason jar flower vase

Tape off strips and paint with gold paint to create this modern flower vase. For a simple vase use Washi tape around the lid to add a pop of color.

7. Vacation Memory Jar

vacation memory mason jar 

The kids will love making these as a memory box of their summer vacation. Fill with a little sand, a few mementos and a photo. Add a tag with the place and date to remember for years to come.

8. Picnic Caddy

If you love going to outdoor movies or concerts in the park make a Picnic Caddy. Spray paint the jars with frosted glass. Carry your utensils in the jars and place them on a table with a candle to dine by candlelight.

9. Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason jars get fancy in this beautiful chandelier. A quick search on Pinterest will offer you numerous ways to make a chandelier.

10. Soap Dispensers

Add a pump and the jar becomes a vintage soap dispenser. You can buy the pump tops or make your own.

11.  Makeup Brush Holder

Mason Jar makeup holder

Organize your bathroom by placing q-tips, cotton balls and make up brushes in jars. Make a holder and mount to the wall to get them off the counter but easy to grab.

12. Custom Coasters

Mason Jar coasters

Mason jar lids lined with cork are transformed into custom coasters.

13. Fourth of July Wreath

4th july wreath

Follow this tutorial to make a patriotic wreath you can hang inside or out for your Fourth of July party.

14. Apple Pie in a Jar

mason jar pie jar

Bake mini pies that will be easy to transport for summer picnics and beach trips.

15. Chalkboard Tags

Mason Jar chalkboard tag

Cover the lid with chalkboard paint and you have a tag for storage or as a gift tag.

16. Mini Cheesecake Pan

Mason Jar mini cheesecake

Turn the lip and top over and you have mini tins to cook in. Serve mini cheesecakes. The middle pops out of the top and serves as a plate under the cheesecake.

17. Cinnamon Bun Breakfast Parfait Container – Exclusive for The Good Stuff Readers

Mason Jar Parfait

Turn a cinnamon bun into a delicious breakfast parfait with this Coupons.com exclusive recipe.

  • 1 roll Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • Vanilla Yogurt
  • Grilled Apricots
  • Honey

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Butter inside of mason jar. Place one roll in each jar and bake 15 minutes. Top with yogurt, apricots and drizzle with honey.


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