Creative Lunchbox Art Ideas for Back to School

creative lunch box art ideas

We know it’s hard to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies during lunchtime. And having sandwiches day after day can be boring and could possibly end up in the trash. Turn your traditional PB&J lunches into masterpieces with these creative lunchbox art ideas to keep tummies happy and healthy.

Bento Box Lunch

Use a few silicon baking cups and cookie cutters to create a basic Bento box lunch.

bento box lunch

Non-Traditional Sandwiches 

Switch up your traditional sandwiches by swapping out sliced bread for something else. Try tortillas or flatbread that you will probably already have in your kitchen.

tortilla sandwiches

Add Color with Food 

You don’t have to do anything fancy with your lunch boxes, just try and add some color to make it look more appealing. Check out how Keely McGuire created 20 non-sandwich lunches!

colorful lunches

Fun With Animals

Make lunch more fun for your kid when they go back to school by creating the perfect sheep Bento meal. All it takes is a little ham and bread.

sheep lunch box

Play Up Their Hobbies

Customize lunches to play up a favorite hobby. If your child is into sports, then create a memorable baseball lunch box with different cheeses, bread and fruit. You’ll definitely earn brownie points with your kids!

sports lunch box

Once you get this lunchbox thing down, put a little creativity into it by creating cute designs or leave little messages. Looking for other great ideas to get your kids eating healthy? Read our article on healthy after school snacks to get the ball rolling!

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