Creative Cash Gifts for Grads

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Before you start writing checks for all those “Congratulations, Graduate” cards this year, consider something a little more creative. While it’s true that cash is the number one gift of choice for graduates, you could have some fun passing the buck(s) on to your favorite students with these creative cash gifts for grads ideas.

  • First, don’t think that giving cash has to be in the form of checks or dollar bills. What grads ultimately want is spending power. If you know where he or she will be living next year, whether on a campus or in a new city, give your grad gift cards to local restaurants, movie theaters, a cell phone provider, grocery or department store. As long as you choose the right retailers, these gift cards could be as good as cash.

graduation gift cards

  • Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? With a little craftiness, you can make it appear that it does, at least. A money tree is a fun way to add a little green to a special grad’s life.

money tree

  • Since money is such a hot theme among recent grads, surprise your favorites with a money-themed gift basket, complete with a new wallet, a checkbook cover, some fresh new dollar bills and a great new pen for writing all the checks that college tuition and bill paying requires. You can save $20 on memorable graduation gifts like a fancy schmancy Cross pen here.

graduation cross pens

  • Make your grad work for his money in form of popping balloons. Granted, it’s not hard work, but more than sliding open an envelope. Buy balloons in his school colors, then put confetti and some bills in the balloons before you blow them up. You can make a balloon bouquet as a gift, or just bring a garbage bag full of these money-filled balloons and empty them out at his grad party.

balloon bouquet

  • Frame a few $20 dollar bills (or whatever denomination you wish) in a picture frame with glass on the front. Write a message on the paper or cardstock you attach the money to that says, “In case of emergency, break glass.” It’s a fun way to give your grad an “emergency” stash of cash.

emergency stash

Tell us—Do you have any other creative cash ideas?

Before you shop: Not sure you want to give cash but still looking for great ideas? Check out our graduation gift sales for deals and codes for items your grad will love.


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