Crafty Gifts: 6 Photo Craft Ideas for Kids

Crafty Gifts: 6 Photo Craft Ideas for Kids | thegoodstuff

Have your kids gift homemade this holiday season! From teaching thoughtfulness to using creativity, a handmade gift from the heart is perfect for grandparents, teachers, and friends.

The best part? Your kiddo has likely already kickstarted the gift making! Whether you’ve got stacks of art from preschool or precious photos waiting to be displayed, beautiful giftables are easy to make. So easy, in fact, that your kids can make ‘em themselves.

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Here are six photo craft ideas that will turn your tot’s artwork and photos into beautiful craft gifts.

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1. Make your own museum canvases

Photo Craft Ideas_01

Oversized works of art often come home from school. Wondering what to do with them? Give your kiddo a large canvas, some inexpensive acrylic paint, and a bottle of Mod Podge and let them turn that artwork into museum-quality wall art!

Ideal for kids ages 8 and up, here’s how to make artwork canvases:

  1. Take your artwork to a craft store and find a canvas that’s approximately the same size as your artwork.
  2. Purchase the canvas, acrylic paints that match the artwork, Mod Podge, and foam brushes.
  3. Once home, lay a large plastic trash bag over your workspace.
  4. Start by painting the edges of each canvas with a color that compliments the art you’ll be hanging. Allow to dry.
  5. Using a foam paintbrush, spread an even layer of Mod Podge across the entire top of the canvas.
  6. Gently set artwork on top of the Mod Podge, then add a smidgen of Mod Podge on top (Note: The Mod Podge may smear the paint used to create your photos. I highly recommend only using Mod Podge for painted pictures, not marker-drawn creations. And, once you pour it on, work quickly and succinctly. There should be a fairly thick layer of Mod Podge on top of your piece of art.)
  7. Cover your photo with a giant piece of parchment paper and smooth any giant lumps in the paper with the edge of your hand. There will be some bubbling if the artwork was created on thin paper, but the drying process will eventually tighten up most of these flexible bumps.
  8. Once dry, hang your creations or gift wrap and share!

2. Create a photo wreath ornament

Photo Craft Ideas_02

Source: Handmade Charlotte

Even little ones can get involved in making this simple, cute photo wreath. Use the free printable and customize with glue-on rhinestones, sequins, or alphabet stickers from the craft store.

3. Make mini Polaroid magnets

Photo Craft Ideas_03

Source: Sundae Sins

Lay down a washable tablecloth for this project! There may be some stickiness involved, but it’s the perfect hands-on project for kids. Once dry, gift these totally cool magnet photos to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

4. Build a beach-inspired memory jar

Photo Craft Ideas_04a

Source: Paging Fun Mums

Have kids search the house or yard for small, special objects to include in this photo gift jar. Include a photo along with their special collection in a glass jar for a cherished gift.

5. Turn photos or kids’ art into bookmarks

Photo Craft Ideas_05

Source: Ornament Shop

Pair this DIY bookmark with a best-selling novel for a gift anyone would love to receive! Your kids will have just as much fun posing for photos as they will making these personalized tassel bookmarks!

6. Get crafty with wooden frames

Photo Craft Ideas_06

Source: My Cluttered Corner

Raid your craft closet or head to the craft store for buttons, ribbon, and any pretty, shiny objects that can be glued on blank wood photo frames. Kids will love sorting, designing, and gluing crafty objects onto frames and gifting them to loved ones. You don’t just have to frame photos with this one! It’s also an ideal way to frame photos and smaller artwork created by your kids.

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