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During the months of June and July, will share some exercise and diet plans that a few members of our team have completed in order to shape up for the summer. Today we bring you Nicole and Kevin’s stories featuring some outdoor hiking and moderate gym routines.

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Name: Nicole Lim
Job: Affiliate Marketing Associate
Age: 23
Stats: 5’4″

Workout: I did the MyFitnessPal app that is available online or through mobile. You enter the food you eat and/or the type of exercise and it calculates how many calories you consumed or burned. I chose this workout plan to eat smaller and healthier meals. I did this workout plan for a month. My exercise included 2-3 days at the gym and/or outdoor excursions.

What I Liked: What I liked about this app was that you can see how many calories (and carbs, fat, protein, sugar, sodium) are in the food/drinks you consume daily. If you stay on track with your goal, it tells you what your estimate weight will be at the end of your goal. What I did accomplish with this app is eating smaller meals and not snacking throughout the day which I am happy about!

What I Didn’t Like: It’s hard to count calories when you’re eating out or when someone else is cooking for you. This is what really threw me off and I would suddenly stop counting calories. I had a habit of not updating it after every meal, so I would try to remember what I ate two days ago and that didn’t work out too well. Also, the types of exercises listed in the app are limited making it hard to track the number of calories you burned.

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This app is a really good counting calorie tool to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. I would only recommend this workout plan if you are going to stick to a strict diet.

Name: Kevin Sloan
Job: Affiliate Marketing Manager
Age: 24
Stats: 5’11” – 160lbs

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Why the Change: After getting the job at, all the free lunches took their toll and I noticed that I had gained the “Coupon 15”. I told myself that once the new year rolled around, I wanted to start working out and get into better shape. In order to accomplish my goals, I picked a moderate workout regimen.

The Workout: For my routine, I had a six day a week schedule that worked all major muscle groups. I started the week with cardio for two hours by playing basketball. For the rest of the week I went to the gym for my workouts. I did back and bicep exercises Tuesday, chest and triceps Wednesday, abs on Thursday, and legs on Friday. On the weekends I would swim laps and have a rest and recovery day. I did this workout for approximately three months, while also focusing on dieting for one full month.

My Results: After this period of time, I lost between 8-10 pounds. I saw the biggest drop in weight the month when I was on a strict diet. I learned that diet truly does play a large role in staying in shape. I would definitely recommend this workout to someone who is in OK shape and wants to tone their body. Committing six days a week to working out might be challenging, but if you make the time for it, I know you’ll be happy with the results.

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