Coupons Team Workouts: Journaling & Workout Videos

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Two more Couponians are here to share their summer exercise routines with you today. Jeanette used her Weight Watchers inspiration to start journaling, while Jessica decided to get the most out of her Jillian Michaels videos. Read on to hear all about these team workouts.

team workouts journaling

Name: Jeanette Pavini
Job: Savings Expert
Age: 51
Stats: 5’8″

Why the Change: I have kept food journals on and off for years. I had gone to a Weight Watchers meeting a decade ago and they spoke of “mindful eating” and being aware of what you put in your mouth.

The Workout: I began keeping track of the foods I ate and it really kept me on track. I became aware of what I ate and didn’t just eat something because it was in front of me. I became accountable.

My Results: I lost about 30 pounds in four years with this journaling method. I didn’t do this all of the time, and sometimes I would go months without journaling. But when I did, I felt better, ate healthier and lost some weight. Plus, if I ate that chocolate I really enjoyed it!

Name: Jessica Avanzino
Job: Contributor
Age: 27
Stats: 5’5″

jillian michaels workout videos

Why the Change: I take spin class four times a week and I absolutely love it. The problem is you’re on someone else’s schedule, so if you work late or decide to sleep in on Saturday, then you miss your workout. I wanted to find a new exercise option that I could do on my own time. I also wanted to incorporate weights into my routine, so I decided to give Jillian Michaels workout videos a try.

The Workout: I started doing her 30 Day Shred video. The DVD consists of three half-hour workouts that get progressively harder. By week one, I already noticed a difference. I felt stronger and my clothes fit better. I found that to be pretty remarkable since it is such a short workout. After completing the 30 Day Shred, I bought several more DVDs and switched to a few times a week. It is great when I have a busy day and just want to squeeze in a quick workout.

What I’ve Learned: You have to be self-motivated or these DVDs just take up shelf space. I have tried other workout DVDs before and they only last one or two days. I think Jillian’s approach works for me (she’s very strict!), so this one stuck and kept me motivated.

What I Didn’t Like: One drawback is you need to have a designated workout are in your home, which can be difficult if you’re in a small space. At the beginning, I rearranged my living room furniture every time I wanted to exercise. That got old fast. Now I use the small floor space at the foot of my bed. It works, but turning your bedroom into a gym is not ideal.

What I’d Recommend: I bought about eight videos, but I really only use a couple. My two favorites are Ripped in 30 and No More Trouble Zones.

Before you shop: Have you ever kept a journal to stay on target with your diet and exercise? Or have you worked out to various videos in the past? Check out our workout series to see which routine is right for you this summer.