Launches Passbook-Enabled Coupons!

Exciting news!  We just launched our integration with Apple Passbook which allows you to save coupons from leading national retailers like Barnes & Noble, Spirit Halloween, and Petco directly to Passbook.  Passbook is a new Apple feature which allows you to collect retailer coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, and boarding passes in one place.  To redeem coupons, simply show your iPhone at the point-of-sale to instantly get the discount.

The best part?  Not only do we have the most number of national retailer coupons hand-picked by our staff of deal hunters, we’ve also made the process extremely simple.  In less than 3 minutes, you can add 34 offers from 20 top retailers (we’ll be adding more daily).

So, get started with Passbook coupons in just THREE EASY STEPS!

  • First, go to on your iPhone 5 or any iPhone with iOS 6. Select the “Get Coupons” button under the Passbook option.

  • Second, browse coupons from top online retailers and tap “Add to Passbook” to add the ones you like.
  •  Third, tap the “Add” button in the top right-hand corner to add this coupon to your Passbook.

  • For addition information, click on the  symbol on the bottom right-hand corner and it will bring you to the “back of the coupon,” which includes the offer, expiration date, and restrictions. Also, be sure to download the free app grocery and local coupons.

  • Finally, once you’re done, your coupons are now stored in your Passbook ready to hit the roads!

Check back often because we’ll be adding Passbook coupons on a daily basis.  Please let us know which retailers you’d like to see in comments below.

Happy shopping!


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