Launches Coupons for Change

Last Wednesday, we did lunch together at in a really big way. And by “big,” we mean possibly record-setting.

To help launch the philanthropic arm of called Coupons for Change we gathered all the employees over the lunch hour to fill backpacks with food for local children struggling with hunger.

After we filled the backpacks (hundreds of them), we loaded them into what we hope will be dubbed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s largest lunchbox.” The backpacks were donated to families at InnVision Shelter Network and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Of course, we invited help—that’s a lot of backpacks to fill! Our guests included San Francisco 49ers alumni; Jed York, President & CEO of the San Francisco 49ers; Gold Rush cheerleaders; Sourdough Sam; and Karae M. Lisle, the CEO of the InnVision Shelter Network. offers virtually the same coupons as, which includes discounts for grocery, drugs and retail stores. The main difference is that when consumers use coupons from the site, the organization will kick back proceeds to Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. For every three coupons used, a meal will be donated to children and their families.

Want to stay in the loop and get updates from Coupons for Change as we all work together to end childhood hunger? Visit (and like) their Facebook page.


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