Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal?

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco photo by Jonathan Weiss / Amazon photo by Evan Lorne

Have you ever wondered where you can nab the biggest savings? Amazon and Costco are two of the largest affordable retailers out there, and both of them carry all the essentials your household needs. The question is, which one is the better bargain to shop at?

Regardless of the prices, keep in mind each retailer has their own unique advantage. Amazon offers shop-at-home convenience and a handy subscription service — but you also have to wait to receive your initial product. Costco, meanwhile, has membership fees that need to be considered as part of your overall annual transactions. In order to access their great pricing, keep in mind that you’ll also have paid $55 just to get in the door, so you need to shop there enough over the year to net more than $55 in savings for it to be worth it.

Those thoughts aside, here are some side-by-side comparisons of everyday household items to help you figure out who has the better deal!

Price comparisons are just one way you can save a ton on everyday expenses. For the rest of your grocery shopping, try these 18 ways to save money on your grocery bill!

Charmin® Ultra Soft Bath Tissue, 30 Jumbo Rolls

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $26.99

Amazon price: $24.29

Buying toilet paper in bulk totally makes sense for a crowded household. At first glance, it seems like Amazon’s got this one — but shipping is $9 extra (several other sellers offer it with free shipping, but at a higher overall price). If you’re running low on TP, your best bet is to hit the bulk seller.

WINNER: Costco

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Tide® Pods Spring Meadow Scent, 152-count

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $32.99

Amazon price: $40.81

I love the convenience of laundry pods, but they can be a little on the pricey side, so nabbing the best deal is essential. When you buy a bulk package at Costco, you’ll be paying just $0.21 per load of laundry, whereas at Amazon, it’s about five cents more per pod.

WINNER: Costco

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Namaste Gluten-Free Waffle & Pancake Mix, 6-pack

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $29.99

Amazon price: $28.48

Costco and Amazon actually have identical base pricing for this item — but Amazon offers discounts when you sign up for their subscription service for auto-delivery of grocery items. If you’re looking for a quick fix for breakfast, this mix is a great place to start for easy, affordable meals.

WINNER: Amazon

Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $17.49 for 6x 80-wipe packages

Amazon price: $12.75 for 3x 80-wipe packages

Keep germs at bay with these easy-to-use cleaning wipes. Amazon’s price for a typical three-pack is actually a bit higher than Costco’s, but if you have more than five Subscribe & Save items delivered in a month they cost just a bit more than Costco — with no membership fees required.

WINNER: Costco

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Cadet® Butcher Treats Pork Links Premium Dog Treats, 2.15-pound bag

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $23.99

Amazon price: $24.80

Have some treat-happy pooches in your household? These grain-free treats are a gourmet pick that’s wonderful to have on hand for rewarding good behavior. And picking up a bag at Costco will save you just over $0.80!

WINNER: Costco

Finish® All in 1 Powerball Mega Pak

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $17.49 for a 115-count container

Amazon price: $12.80 for a 90-count container

Get sparkling clean dishes in a flash with these convenient dishwashing pods. The (marginally) better buy here actually comes from Amazon — each tab will cost you $0.15 from Costco, while it’s just $0.14 from Amazon. That being said, you have to subscribe to receive the tabs on a regular basis to access that better price, so shop wisely!

WINNER: Amazon

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Back to the Roots® Stoneground Cereal

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $34.99 for 8x 10-ounce packs

Amazon price: $9.49 for 2x 10-ounce packs

Cereal is a household staple that generally has a long shelf life, making it an apt pick for bulk buying. Picking up a set of 8 packages will set you back $4.37 per box at Costco, compared to $4.74 on Amazon with Subscribe & Save. That being said, if you want a little variety, paying that extra $0.40 per box can be worth it — otherwise you could suffer from cereal fatigue by eating the same variety for half a year!

WINNER: Costco

Myrto™ Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2-count 3-liter tin

Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal? | thegoodstuff

Costco price: $64.99

Amazon price: $84.94

When you’re shopping at Costco, you have to be able to justify the initial membership fees as part of your purchases. The trick is to find items that offer steep discounts over other retailers. This premium olive oil (the ultimate chef’s staple) is a whopping $19.95 cheaper than buying an identical product on Amazon, for example, and will easily be used over the course of the year.

WINNER: Costco

The bottom line

Generally speaking, you’re going to find better prices at Costco — when Amazon does edge out Costco, it’s usually by pretty marginal values and often requires you to commit to an auto-delivery subscription. That being said, Costco has those membership fees to consider. If you’re not a huge bulk buyer or you’re not taking advantage of where the biggest cost savings exist, it may not be worth it to invest in a membership.


2 replies on “Costco vs. Amazon: Who Has the Better Deal?” is available to both members and non-members, although they do have member only specials. Shipping is usually included, and refunds and returns can be done at the store. Also, with Costco, most purchases come with a 2 year, no question return policy, a 2 year warranty with the return, except with electronics and appliances. Electronics and appliances have a 90 full refund return policy AND a 2 year extended warranty, free tech support and concierge service. These are just a few benefits hardly ever mentioned about Costco. Sam’s, Amazon and others require you to purchase warranties, often require return authorization to send a product back, and often offer no tech support. Amazon gives free shipping to members of Amazon Prime, and only if shipped from an Amazon warehouse. Costco also contracts with outside vendors for discounts on products and services not offered directly by Costco such as, cellphones, roof repair/replacement, a/c services, garage doors, water filtration etc, as well as auto purchase programs where they partner with dealers and manufacturers to give members social discounts ON TOP OF dealer and manufacturer incentives! Several manufactures have produced Costco only vehicles too. Everything from a GMC truck to a Shelby Cobra replica!

I have an executive membership (2% cash back membership) at Costco and my purchases pay all my membership fees plus more money back. Also I have costco car insurance comes with free towing for executive members. Saved $600 from previous company and free towing/road assistance allowed me to replace my $150/yr AAA membership. Bought a car with Costco saved too.

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